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Execute AGE2UPA.EXE to apply the official Age of Empires 2 v2.0a Patch. Execute AGE2XUPATCH.EXE to apply the official Age of Empires 2 Expansion v1.0c Patch. Replace the original EMPIRES2.EXE & AGE2X1.EXE files with the ones from the File Archive. Join the Age of Empires II: DE Anniversary Event! It’s November and we have a special birthday to celebrate this month! On November 14th, 2019, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition released to the world; now you’re invited to join the 1-year anniversary bash, where we’ve prepared a huge pile of. Use the drop down menu to highlight 'patch43 - Patch 4.3' Left Click to select 'patch43 - Patch 4.3' 'Close' This will start a 248(ish) MB download that will REVERT your AoE2 HD back to the last fully working patch (4.3) before the release of TAK.

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This is a community created compatibility update for Age of Empires II HD to support the original The Conquerors. This patch does not violate copyright, no files from the original CD are used -- more on this below. The purpose of the patch is to provide a quick and legal way to purchase the HD version of the game through Steam, and add compatibility with the regular AoE II.


This patch provides the ability for those that have officially purchased AoC HD from Steam, to play against / with other players using the original AoC release. It's also for those that aren't interested in AoC HD at all, but have no easy way to purchase the original game, while Amazon still sells it here -- not everyone can buy from amazon .

Reasons to play the original AoC include:
  • The original AoC still has a large and active community, especially for the Multiplayer version. On Steam for e.g There is virtually no Custom Scenario community, yet other fan sites have larger and more active player bases.

  • When AoC HD on Steam was announced many of us / the community were excited to finally have a quick and easy way to buy the game again and still be able to play with existing communities and friends. This turned out to not be the case. This patch fixes the drawbacks of isolating communities, and allows us all to now play together as we had originally hoped for.

  • These fan sites for the original AoC and it's communities sponsor some large events, such as $20,000 Nations Cup or the $50,000 War is Coming.

  • It is fair to say that while AoC HD has implemented some interesting stuff, it most certainly has quality and stability issues for a number of players. This patch provides a solution to those issues.

  • Take advantage of the fan patches created for the original version.

Compatibility Mode Behavior

When playing in compatibility mode, the game will behave exactly as it did in the original and the enhanced HD version , with community made patches such as UserPatch.
Some Features will remain the same: HD resolutions will still be available through the community patches -- please compare the screenshots below. Features disabled: the animated water won't be there. Features added: any feature present as part of userpatch or the multiplayer client use.

AoC HD in regular mode:

How this is Possible and Legalities

Starting in June 2015, the compatibility patch also includes some files from patch 3.9 release of AoC HD in the compatibility patch to simplify installation. These files would've otherwise between available in steam through betas opt into Patch 3.9 feature
Compatibility mode is made possibly by combining either FE files ( or the 1.0c patch from Microsoft for the original game, AoC HD data files and a few small edits to 1.0c exe. There are no files included from this patch off the original CDs and because of this doesn't violate any copyrights.
OK, if it's not illegal wouldn't Microsoft dislike this? We hope not, as the patch requires a full installation of AoK HD it definitely doesn’t help piracy, anyone pirating the game can already get full installations of the game available. Further, we expect this to only gain more sales for Microsoft as it reduces motivation to pirate the original game if there is a quick and legal way to get it legally.

The diagram below illustrates how compatibility mode is constructed:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this support UserPatch 1.4?
A: Yes, the patch includes an exe with 1.4 applied!
Q: Does this support Forgotten Empires?
A: Yes, you need to install FE from first. Then install this patch. This patch will make a few minor changes to the FE exe to allow it to work.
Q: Does this break AoC HD?
A: No, you can run both out of the same directory!
Q: Why do I have to reset my hotkeys when in compatibility mode?
A: Compatibility mode runs with a different settings file, so this is expected.
Q: How do I contact you?
A: I set up an email address just for this patch! The address is [email protected]
Q: How do I run the game in compatibility mode once installed?
A: Run C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonAge2HDage2_x1age2_x1.exe
Q: The game is crashing, what do I do?
A: Try marking the exe as run as administrator and also Windows XP SP3 compatibility.

This guide will teach you everything about hotkeys to take your gameplay to the next level. Wanna know a big secret? Hotkeys take a big chunk of a player’s skill. Check out the graph below

It’s silly of me to generate such a stupid graph but it’s always nice to remind your brain how huge is 70%

As usually the guide will be tackled in the very little details. There is also a video version of this guide.

Hotkeys Setup

If you’re new to the hotkey world, It’s recommended to use one of the hotkey presets of pro players. For that reason I got you covered with a pack of hotkey files which you can either install them yourself manually or use a little app to accomplish it in glimpse of an eye.

Manual Method

1. Download the hotkey files zip:

2. Press Windows Button + R

3. Type in: %userprofile%GamesAge of Empires 2 DE

4. A folder should pop up. Now inside it you’ll find another folder or more with random numbers e.g.

5. Enter those folders with the random numbers then inside “/profile/” folder extract the hotkey files zip inside them both “76561198079200175” & “76561198286982586”, but if you only have one folder it’s ok. It should look like this

Automatic Method

Age Of Empires 2 1.0 C Patch

If you’re feeling lazy to manually install the hotkey pack, you can download this little tool from here:

Inside the Archive there a “HotkeyPack-DE.exe” file, just double click it ( no need to extract it) Then a window like this one appears:


Press the install button and that’s it. We have all these hotkey presets installed automatically.

Units & Objects

in Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition or any previous version, we can set hotkeys to 4 sets of units & objects:

1- Military Units

2- Buildings

3- Workers

4- Animals

Age Of Empires 2 Patch For Windows 7

How To Set a Hotkey on Unit(s) Object(s)?

Use your mouse to box whatever object(s) or unit(s) you wish to hotkey then for example: CTRL + 1 (select any number from 0 – 9)

Now that our army above is set to number 1. There are two ways to employ this hotkey.

Single Mouse Click On 1

Only selects your units without switching camera view.

Double Mouse Click on 1

Selects your units and switches the camera view at their location.

When taking fights away from town, you can use single mouse click (number 4 for example) to select the town center and queue villagers without having to switch the camera view. Or pull your army away using the single click.

Camera & Location Hotkeys

Although Age of Empires 2 do not have dedicated camera hotkeys as those in Starcraft 2… Fortunately for us we do have cycle commands that essentially work like the camera hotkeys for example

Cycle Commands work like camera hotkeys.

As long as you build a lumbercamp, mill, mining camp, or barracks. You can use go to hotkeys to switch to view to those structures.

Switch camera to:

Lumberjacks =>CTRL + Z (Replicate hotkey to switch to another lumbercamp location)

Foragers/Farmers =>CTRL + W (Replicate hotkey to switch to another mill location)

Gold/Stone Miners =>CTRL + G (Replicate hotkeys to switch to another mining camp location)

ETC. (Same thing applies to barracks, archery range, university, castles, etc.)

Abuse location hotkeys instead of moving your mouse around to save time and unnecessary moves. And keep your hand muscles more energized for important micro tasks.

Tips For Queuing Units Faster

Shift Hotkeys

Shift hotkeys are a brand-new and exclusive mechanic for the definitive edition of Age of Empires 2. A basic usage of shift hotkeying is to assign any unit to a sequential of actions or tasks.

For example if you can command a villager to do 4 actions by himself:

  1. Build a house.
  2. Consume a Forage Bush.
  3. Gather Fish
  4. Mine gold


  1. Select a Villager.
  2. Build a house Then Hold SHIFT key
  3. Mouse Right Click on : a forage bush, fish patch, and finally gold patch.
  4. Take your finger off SHIFT key

Queuing Units Faster

Queuing military units with hotkeys makes a colossal difference in the battle and between two beginner players. Today I will teach two methods to queue your army then choose whatever you goes with your taste.

You must first configure Select All hotkeys to suit your needs by entering Options > Hotkeys > Game Commands. Postal circles in india. Then scroll down to find them

Age of empires 2 1.0 c patch download

Method 1: Select All Military Buildings of Specific type

As the title suggests, we will use “Game Commands” to only select specific or all military buildings (without switching camera view). Eventually we’ll end up pressing two or 3 button:

  • First button (for example) selects all archery ranges available (e.g. D => Archery Range(s)).
  • Second button queues a specific unit (e.g. G => Archer)

You can configure a hotkey to “select all” Stable, Town Centers, Siege workshop, etc.

Method 2: Filtering Military Buildings

This method has a decent potential if you have different types of military buildings and wish to filter through them. How to proceed?

  • Press 5 to select all military buildings or configure it to something.
  • Hold Shift and mouse left click on any military building icon to select only that specific type of building.
  • Queue army.

Hotkeying Techs & Hotkeys

Unlike the previous versions of Age of empires 2. AoE2 DE lets you assign hotkeys to any building that offer technologies or upgrades to research.

By the default no hotkeys are assigned to upgrades and techs so to configure them go to Options > Hotkeys ; Then to your left hand side you should click a town center, lumbercamp, etc. to assign any hotkeys to the technologies/upgrades

Typing Practice

Age Of Empires 2 Patch Download

it is crucial in any RTS game to have a decent typing speed to manage hotkeys and multi-task faster and while some of you may think they are fast typers .

Trust me there is one way to find out .Usually a fast typer has an average of 60 WPM (words per minute), less than that you my friend are not a fast typer yet. Check out the video i posted at the beginning of this guide (skip to 8:57) where I took the typing test.

Age Of Empires 2 Patch Notes


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For beginners, practicing hotkeys in the editor mode is certainly the fastest and best way to memorize them. Don’t be afraid of wasting time because the reward is worthwhile.