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Calculadora casio fx 201pCasio fx-201p manualthe fx-201p is a most interesting machine from 1976 and possibly the first casio programmable hand-held. its programming style is remarkable and demonstrates early pioneering ideas.

the machine is rather large for a 'pocket' calculator and is designed in the same style as other early pocket machines, notably the al-10 and fx-19 but bigger.

the machine operates as a ten digit scientific, although not all the operations give 10 digit results. sin, cos, tan, arcs and logs are only accurate to 8 digits, x^y only to 7, but 1/x and square root give 10 (casio had the good taste not to display the extra wrong digits). there is no operator precedence.

as well as the ubiquitous deg rad grad switch common to all early casio scientifics, there is a three way mode switch manual comp write. manual mode operates as a straightforward scientific calculator with 1 memory. comp and write are for running and writing programs. manual and comp are different because a few of the buttons differ in function between these modes, which indicates a button shortage, although no buttons share functions (in a given mode) and there are spaces on the second and bottom rows where buttons could have been.


Casio Fx-201p Manual

CalculadoraCasio fx-201p manual

the codes in red underneath some of the keys indicate the symbol displayed in write mode for that key.

The Casio fx-201P is a programmable calculator with 10 digits precision and algebraic logic. It has 43 keys, and a VFD (vacuum fluorescent) display. The power source is 4xAA. Note: 127 keystroke memory and 10 registers. Casio AI-1000 Casio fx-10F Casio fx-180P Casio fx-180P Plus Casio fx-180Pa Casio fx-190 Casio fx-191 Casio fx-200P Casio fx-202P Casio fx-2800P Casio fx-3400P Casio fx-3500P Additions and corrections Thanks a lot for taking the time to inform me of any incomplete or incorrect data on my site. The FX-501P and FX-502P were programmable calculators, manufactured by Casio from 1978/1979. citation needed They were the predecessors of the FX-601P and FX-602P.It is likely that the FX-501P/502P were the first LCD programmable Calculators to be produced as up until 1979 (and the introduction of the HP-41C) no manufacturer had introduced such a device. Casio fx-201P Here is where it all began for Casio. Or so I thought, until I was straightened out by Bo Kristoffersen, who pointed out that the fx-201P is probably Casio's second handheld programmable calculator. It is a powerful, interesting, and highly unusual machine. Fx-201p (ax-39a-a), pro-101 (ax-31a-a), al-8s (ax-75) At this stage we are coming to the end of this collection. If you've got this far I award you the medal of perseverence for answering a call beyond duty.

Casio fx-201p

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casio continued this model making the fx-202p and the pro fx-1.