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Feb 2017B10x HDMI to CSI-2 bridge1.4Technical reference manual
July 2016E412 tiny encoder module1.1Technical reference manual
July 2016J20 – 6 CSI-2 for TX1 dev kit1.0Technical reference manual
June 2017J90 carrier board for TX1/TX21.2Technical reference manual
Nov. 2016J100 carrier board for TX11.6Technical reference manual
March 2017J106 carrier board for TX1 and 6 cameras1.0Technical reference manual
July 2019J120/J120A/J121 carrier boards for TX1/TX22.0Technical reference manual
March 2017J130 carrier board for TX1/TX21.0Technical reference manual
Nov. 2016J140 carrier board for TX1/TX21.0Technical reference manual
Feb. 2020JN30 carrier board for Nano1.4Technical reference manual
Nov. 2018M90/M100 motherboard for the J100 and J1061.2Technical reference manual
Nov. 2016V100 HD video processor1.1.5Technical reference manual
  1. Operating Temperature Range: -30° to 70° C; Linux camera driver (V4L2) for 13.0 MP MIPI CSI-2 camera module; Sample application for image capture & Preview; Gstreamer-1.0 support for video streaming; Lightweight, versatile, and portable multi-board solution; Adaptor board size in mm (l x b): 30 x 30 (Height depends on the lens) FPC Cable.
  2. Reference Manual CSI 2130 Machinery Health™. Symbol on the product or in the user’s manual are in compliance with applicable EMC and Safety Directives of the European Union. In accordance with CENELEC standard EN 50082-2, normal intended operation is specified as follows: 1.

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Csi Operating Manuals


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Jan 2015Quick Start Guide1.7Quick start guide for the E110
Jan 2015Quick Start Guide1.8Quick start guide for the E110-W
Oct. 2015API Reference Manual1.9detailed API guide
March 2015Technical Reference Manual1.8.300E110: technical information plus detailed API guide
Jan 2015Technical Reference Manual1.2E110-W and W100: wireless router, servo control, console access, transmuxing
Dec 2016Technical Reference Manual1.3E10 encoder with LVDS input plus add-on modules