Dectron Ds Manual

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Dectron Dsv; Dry-O-Tron DM Series This product line is designed for environments in which humidity can be effectively controlled by ventilation. Serial number zeiss binoculars. Leona lewis run. The Dry-O-Tron DM Series enjoys all the technology, quality and design innovations of our mechanical refrigeration product lines, but without the. This is a direct replacement project. As such, the unit shall be as manufactured by Dectron, and the entire system and components shall be as approved by Dectron, Inc. In accordance with these specifications. Features shall include: Dehumidification by means of a direct expansion evaporator coil Space heating by means of a packaged hot water coil. Contact Dectron or a. Dectron-certified technician. See Sensor Calibration. Dectron or a Dectron-certified technician. Order a new sensor. To keep the unit running, temporarily remove wires 11 & 12. From the I/O board terminals 11 & 12. Connect a 10k 12k ¼W resistor. Between terminals 11 & 12.

Dectron Dry-O –Tron Pool Dehumidifiers are the world’s single largest manufacturer of pool air handling equipment. With equipment to handle a complete range of pools, Dectron can provide a dehumidification solution for any natatorium project.

  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals. Dectron Dry Cooler OMM. Dectron DS Series Indoor OMM. Dectron DS Series Outdoor OMM. Dectron LD LEEDer Series OMM.
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Dectron International Inc. is a global provider of highly-engineered Custom and Semi-Custom IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) products and services catering to the Building Systems, Food Processing, Medical, Petrochemical, Recreation, Hospitality, and Telecommunications industries. Its main subsidiaries, Dectron Inc. and Circul-Aire® Inc., specialize in dehumidification, precision air conditioning and air purification systems.


Thuppakki bluray. History:

Dectron was first established over 35 years ago in Montreal Canada, with the purpose of providing quality air handling equipment, designed for a complete array of natatorium spaces.

Primary Benefits:

With over 35,000 units installed around the world, Dectron’s single largest benefit is its years of experience. With products capable of handling small therapeutic pools and up through large indoor water parks, Dectron’s product line makes it the perfect fit for all pool application.

Innovative Products

Many other styles/options are available:


  • 5 Models for 1 through 46.2lb/h moisture removal and 1,000 thru 3,800 CFM
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations, indoor installation
  • Heats pool water for recycled energy and other patented features


ManualDectron ds 020 service manual
  • 12 Models from 45.5 through 680 lb/h moisture removal and 3.300 thru 50,000 CFM
  • Horizontal and vertical ( Models 040 thru 100) configurations.
  • Outdoor rooftop and indoor installation.
  • Purge mode, econosaver, economizer and smart saver heat recovery configurations.


Dectron Ds 020 Service Manual

Dectron ds-030-203 manual

Dectron Ds-030-203 Manual

Dectron ds 020 service manual

Dectron Ds Manuals

  • 7 Models from 4.1 though 25.8 lb/h moisture removal and 400 thru 1230 CFM
  • Replaces small commercial and residential air conditioners
  • Full cooling mode, controls humidity and tempt saver heat recovery configurations