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Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) – Game Genie Code Index
Action Replay Codes Game Genie Codes

The following is a list of games we have Game Genie Codes for games on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Nintendo (NES) Super Nintendo (SNES) Nintendo Game Boy SEGA Genesis SEGA Game Gear

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  • B-Wings [JP]
  • Battle Formula [JP]
  • Bio-Miracle Bokutte Upa [JP]

This is the Nintendo NES Game Genie code book to have. It is updated to all of the newest codes out there available & it was printed in November 2017, so it is a freshly published version. It has codes for 95% of every Nintendo NES video game made. I wanted a book version of all the Game Genie codes for NES video games & this is perfect. Ein Gedanke zu “ SEGA Mega Drive Game Genie Codes ” Helinux schreibt: 6. September 2018 um 1:50 Obrigado!!!! Thank you very much!!!! (PDF) NES Game Genie Codes puskesmas talisayan - Start the game and press + and from the Retroarch options choose Custom as color option for Game Boy emulation. Enjoy the new colors. You can also rename the palette file to use it for a different game, though the outcome might be less than satisfaction, but for games like Double Dragon 1 and Double Dragon 2 you can basically use.

  • Chack’n Pop [JP]
  • Challenger [JP]
  • Chaos World [JP]
  • Chiisana Obake: Acchi Socchi Kocchi [JP]
  • Crisis Force [JP]
  • CrossFire [JP]
  • Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei [JP]
  • Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi: Crazy Land Daisakusen [JP]
  • Exed Exes [JP]
  • Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV [JP]
  • Tenchi o Kurau II: Shokatsu Koumei Den [JP]

Nintendo (NES) Super Nintendo (SNES) Nintendo Game Boy SEGA Genesis SEGA Game Gear

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Game Genie was terrific. It would let you beat games that you otherwise might not have the skill to beat. As a child in the early 90s this was terrific. You could play through Super Mario Brothers 3 with infinite lives, invincibilty, and a tanooki suit.

This is a picture of the Game Genie with the official code book. You needed the book to know what codes to use. Technically, you could just guess and find codes that actually worked.


Here is the Game Genie in my hand.

Here is the front.

Here is the back.

Here it is with the opened book.

Other Platforms

Game genie was developed for other platforms besides the NES. It was developed for SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, and Game Boy. Other devices were created by different companies for newer consoles. These included the Game Shark for the N64.

Game Genie Code List


You can learn more about Game Genie on the Wikipedia page.There is an interesting article about how it actually works on Mental Floss.Apparently it was originally meant to do much more. You can learn more in this article from the AV Club.


NES Game Genie Codes PDF

Sometimes it is nice to have everything all in one easy, printable document. We have put all of the NES Game Genie codes together in a single PDF file. It can be downloaded here: NES Game Genie Codes PDF. You can save this to your hard drive or print it out if you like. It is always useful to have a resource like this available so you don't have to go searching the web every time you need to find a code.

Super Mario Brothers Game Genie Codes

Snes game genie codes pdf
AATOZAStart players 1 & 2 with 1 life
IATOZAStart players 1 & 2 with 6 lives
AATOZEStart players 1 & 2 with 9 lives
VATOLEStart player 1 with 8 lives and player 2 with 3 lives
SXIOPOInfinite lives for both players
APZLGKSuper jump from a standing start only
TPZLTGSuper jump from running only
GPZUAGSuper jump from turbo running only
APZLGGMega-jump from a standing start only
APZLTGMega-jump from running only
GAZUAGMega-jump from turbo running only
YAZULGMoon Gravity from a standing start
YAZUIGMoon Gravity from a running start
YAZUYGMoon Gravity from turbo running only
OZTLLX + AATLGZ + SZLIVOAlways stay big
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + PEAPYAStart on World 2
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + ZEAPYAStart on World 3
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + LEAPYAStart on World 4
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + GEAPYAStart on World 5
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + IEAPYAStart on World 6
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + TEAPYAStart on World 7
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + YEAPYAStart on World 8

Super Mario Brothers 2 Game Genie Codes

SZNESXVKInfinite lives
GZELVXSEInfinite life meter (except if you hit a spike)
SXUASXOUQuick pick up
AEUEKKGLSpecial 'squat' high jumps
PPXAOIAAPrincess has mega-float
PAXAOIAAPrincess has mega-float and lunar descent
PESEGLGASuper moonjumps for Mario
AAEEZGPAMega moonjumps for Luigi
PENALLGASuper moonjumps for Toad
PAXAPGGASuper moonjumps for Princess
AEXALGZASpeed up enemies
XVVANSZK + XVNEXSZVSuper turbo running
AEVAVIIA + AENEEITAPermanent turbo running
AXSETUAO + ESVAPUEVSuper fast run for Mario
AZEEGKAO + EIEEYKEVSuper fast run for Luigi
AXNAIUAO + ESNEAUEVFast run for Toad
AZXALKAO + EIXATKEVSuper fast run for Princess
AXNAZSAA + EVNALSEYSuper speed enemies

Note: There are two versions given for some of the following Codes. If one code doesn’t work on your game, then try the alternate Code.

TPEPLAAX / TONENYAXBirdetta spits eggs instead of fireballs (appears in late levels of the game)
YAXXIYZEStrong Tryclyde
YAVXVGGEStrong Fryguy
YAEXTPGEStrong Clawgrip

Super Mario Brothers 3 Game Genie Codes

All codes (except as noted) work for Luigi as well as Mario.

SLXPLOVSInfinite lives for Mario and Luigi
AEKPTZGA1 life for Mario and Luigi after continue
AEKPTZGE9 lives for Mario and Luigi after continue
EZKZYVEKSuper Power Jumps
EAKZYVEKMega Power Jumps
EXKXGLIA*Miniture Stone Mario

With the next code, if you let MArio or Luigi drop too long, you can’t sky walk until you touch the ground again

SXEZSKOX**Skywalker (Alternate)
OXKZELSXSuper speed running
XVUXNUEETurbocharged running

You must be Raccoon Mario for the next code to work

AANZKLLACan raise power meter while standing still so that you can fly from a standing start
PEUZUGAAStart on World 2
ZEUZUGAAStart on World 3
LEUZUGAAStart on World 4
GEUZUGAAStart on World 5
IEUZUGAAStart on World 6
TEUZUGAAStart on World 7
YEUZUGAAStart on World 8
YPXXLVGEMario (not Luigi) can re-use items again and again
SZUEXNSORestore powers after playing an action scene (e.g. if you were 'Fire Mario' on the map screen, then entered an action scene, died or changed to 'Frog Mario,'you would return to the map scene as 'Fire Mario')
ZEUXKGAAStart the game as Fire Mario
LEUXKGAAStart the game as Raccoon Mario
GEUXKGAAStart the game as Frog Mario
IEUXKGAAStart the game as Tanooki Mario
TEUXKGAAStart the game as 'Sledgehammer' Mario!

If you use any of the next five codes to defeat Bowser, stand in front of the door and hold “Up”. as soon as the door opens, you will pass through into the chamber where the Princess is held. If you don’t do this, you may get caught in Bowser’s time trap and the game will pause forever!

Game Genie Codes Pdf

XUKXGLIEStart and stay as Super Mario
UXKXGLIAStart and stay as Fire Mario
NXKXGLIEStart and stay as Raccoon Mario
OUKXGLIEStart and stay as Frog Mario
XNKXGLIEStart and stay as Sledgehammer Mario
SZKIKXSEInvincibility after changing up from Super Mario ( Raccoon, Frog, etc.)

With all of the following codes, you will find that you change into Super Mario if you die again: Race gurram movie songs download in naa songs.

Snes Game Genie Codes Pdf

AEOSSZPA + PAOZTGAAChange to Super Mario if you fall off screen and die
AEOSSZPA + ZAOZTGAAChange to Fire Mario if you fall off screen and die
AEOSSZPA + LAOZTGAAChange to Raccoon Mario if you fall off screen and die
AEOSSZPA + GAOZTGAAChange to Frog Mario if you fall off screen and die
AEOSSZPA + IAOZTGAAChange to Tanooki Mario if you fall off screen and die
AEOSSZPA + TAOZTGAAChange to Sledgehammer Mario if you fall off screen and die

*Code submitted by Demonic ([email protected])**Code submitted by Kate Conner ([email protected])

The Legend of Zelda Game Genie Codes

Sega Game Genie Codes Pdf

AVVLAUSZDon't take damage from anything
YYKPOYZZCreate character with 8 life hearts
NYKPOYZXCreate character with 16 life hearts
SZVXASVKDon't lose rubies when buying
SZNZVOVKInfinite bombs
ESKUILTAWear a blue ring
OSKUILTAWear a red ring
SZVXASVK + AEVEVALGAll items for free

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Game Genie Codes

SZKGKXVKLink has infinite lives
PASKPLLALink starts with 1 life
TASKPLLALink starts with 6 lives
PASKPLLELink starts with 9 lives
OYKEEVSA + NPKEOVVASwap Shield spell for Fire spell
LYKEEVSA + VAKEOVVESwap Shield spell for Spell spell
LZKEEVSA + OPKEOVVASwap Shield spell for Fairy spell
IIKEEVSE + VAKEOVVESwap Shield spell for Life spell
VTKEEVSA + OPKEOVVASwap Shield spell for Thunder spell

Metroid Game Genie Codes

SXSGNVSEMinimum energy of 30
SZUILUVKInfinite rockets on pick-up
ZENSXLIEGain 10 rockets on pick-up
YENSXLIEGain 15 rockets on pick-up
YAXGVPLAExtra energy

Mega Man Game Genie Codes

OZSKPZVKInfinite lives
AASPLAZAStart with 1 life
IASPLAZAStart with 6 lives
AASPLAZEStart with 9 lives
SZKZGZSAInfinite energy
TAXOIOGOStart with half energy
AVVXLPSZNo harm from any enemies, except super villains
TAOOYTGAMega Man mega-jump
OXSLEEPV + AUSLOEAZAlways get maximum points for shooting super villains

Mega Man 2 Game Genie Codes

SXUGTPVGInfinite lives
SXXTPSSEInfinite energy
TEKAIEGOStart with half energy
PANALALAStart with 1 life
TANALALAStart with 6 lives
PANALALEStart with 9 lives
LZVSSZYZGives burst-fire from normal weapon
TANAOZGAPower jumps
AANAOZGESuper power jumps
APNAOZGAMega power jumps
GZKEYLALMaximum weapon energy on pick-up

Mega Man 3 Game Genie Codes

PAOONPZA1 life after continue
IAOONPZA6 lives after continue
AAOONPZE9 lives after continue
AEEGXLPAInfinite lives
YEUKOTGAMega-jumping Mega Man
ASXSTLGPLonger slides
NNKIALEESpeedy slides
GXVAAASAInfinite energy
NYKGXSGKFaster Mega Man
ZAKGNIPAMega fast Mega Man

Mega Man 4 Game Genie Codes

AAUKZIZAStart with 1 life
IAUKZIZAStart with 6 lives
AAUKZIZEStart with 9 lives
SZUGUAVGInfinite lives
GXNPZTVGInfinite 'energy' pods on pick-up
AEOAIEPAInstant megablast!
YXEAIOZOLonger sliding
ZOEAIOZPShorter sliding
GEOAGPZAFaster sliding
AAKEYPIEMega Man mega-jumping!
GXENESOOInfinite weapon power
GXVEIPSADon't take damage from bad guys

Mega Man 5 Game Genie Codes

GXSEYZSAInfinite Mega Man energy
GXXAAIVGInfinite lives
XAKSUTEAStart with at least 2 energy tanks
VAKSUTEAStart with at least 6 energy tanks
XASIOTEAStart with at least 2 mega-tanks
VASIOTEAStart with at least 6 mega-tanks
GXSEPZVGInfinite mega-tanks on pick-up
GZSATPVGInfinite energy tanks on pick-up
PEVLLPGAStarting weapons use less energy
YEXETAIA + ONUELEUNSuper-jumping Mega Man
PEXETAIA + NNUELEUYMega-jumping Mega Man
OVNLZISV + OTKPYISVInfinite energy for most weapons

Mega Man 6 Game Genie Codes

AAUKVIZEStart with 9 lives
IAUKVIZAStart with 6 lives
AAUKVIZAStart with 1 life
SXEEXTVGInfinite lives-can sometimes die and go to another part of the game
GXEAKYSTInfinite energy-except fires, falling into pits and spikes still kill you
LOOEKGPPNormal shots do more damage
TOKENGLPMega-shots do more damage