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Posted : admin On 8/27/2021
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Walk in da Park is English rapper Giggs' first album, released on the 4th of August, 2008. The project is 70 minutes long & most of the production is handled by Boom Productions. Young Spray 1; J. Melo 1; Shocks 1; Dubz 1; Chelsi Lauren 1; SN1 1; Chase & Status 1; D Double E 1; Popcaan 1; Labrinth 1; FARHOT 1; Margs 1; J Spades 1; Bayku 1; 2 Chainz 1; Gunna 1; French Montana 1; Gunna Dee 1; Swizz Beats 1; Young Thug 1; Lil Yachty 1; Potter Payper 1; O'.T.B. 1; Jesse James Solomon 1; Lil Duke 1; Tiny Boost 1; Kristian.

Try that **** with any member of so solid your world will come un stuck very quickly 😂 the kids actuality think these guys run the game who you fooling🤦🏾‍♂️

— Harvey (@Harveyofficial) December 19, 2018

Godswar online facebook download. Try what ****? What you on about? Ain’t no rapping ass nigga running no game…

— YOUNG SPRAY (MR RTM) (@Young_Spray) December 19, 2018

What are you on about? ain’t no rapping ass niggas ere…

— Mega SoSolid #S9 (@OFFICIALSOSOLID) December 19, 2018


Giggs Young Spray Tips

**** this lame ass industry! You lot try sweep my ting under the carpet coz you’re so up Giggs’ arse who is so up Drakes arse! Understand that me being a real nigga is why your fave rapper still out here. Bunch of wankers all of you! **** you all and you’ll see me soon… #RTM

— YOUNG SPRAY (MR RTM) (@Young_Spray) December 19, 2018

All now I still ain’t got a message from Posty so he’s gonna get his teeth kicked out. Chip I don’t know why you still ain’t messaged but it’s on for u aswell u prick. Anyone that drew blood from me must bleed aswell. #RTM

— YOUNG SPRAY (MR RTM) (@Young_Spray) December 19, 2018

Dumb ass niggaz musta thought I’d never get better. Told you my scars will heal… #Wolverine#Hard2Kill#RTM

— YOUNG SPRAY (MR RTM) (@Young_Spray) December 19, 2018

Ok so Chip thanks for your message at last mate, I’ll allow you coz you’re from da ends… #RTM

— YOUNG SPRAY (MR RTM) (@Young_Spray) December 19, 2018

“Say what I want on Twitter, Young Spray I got bare man bitter! They say I’m old but I swear say I’m fitter, till I die I could never be a quitter…” #RTM

Giggs young spray guns

Giggs Young Spray Guns

— YOUNG SPRAY (MR RTM) (@Young_Spray) December 19, 2018