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Well dressed charm with the Lego brand.

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Bright and enjoyable Lego fun with another franchise instalment. Years 1-4 was a refreshing blast of Lego amusement, especially since most players were expecting to be sick of it by now. Thankfully, Lego bounced back with a well crafted and story driven game, but is years 5 to 7 just as good (or better)?

Well Directed And The Effects Are Good

The graphics are typically good computer-generated Lego style, with the graphics becoming more polished as time goes on. Of the noticeably good things are the directing and visual effects, both of which are very good and very clever. Look on YouTube for the scene where Voldemort (the bad guy) dies to see how well the visual effects are directed.

Dueling With Your Wand

The simplification of the use of the wand has made the gameplay experience more fun and somehow more immersive. Hogwarts is more like a puzzle box that you can explore, which means it is far removed from the level system that existed in the Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean games. Yes, there are points and areas that move the story along, but they feel natural and organic to the point where you can forgive them when you are railroaded.

The Typical Lego Fun Dynamic

There are plenty of things to collect and lots to smash up, but the game falls down a little when you realize just how similar it is to the first version. There are many areas that have only changed a little. The biggest difference is that you are moving a different story along, but like in the movies, you are doing it in very similar settings.

The Things You Are Bound To Notice

There are plenty of magic movie moments that have been expertly rendered, which does make this a game ideal for fans. There is also a section where you get to fly over London landmarks on a broom.


There is a new duelling system that is far more simplified, which is probably a bad thing, but it helps to suitably recreate the action and magic of the duels from the movies.

The entire game is very well paced, there is plenty to do, and you can complete the game’s 24 levels if you are tired of exploring. There is lots of variety and on the whole, it is a good and well-packaged game.


  • Great for Harry Potter fans
  • The new duelling system makes the fight scenes better
  • Well rendered movie moments
  • Smash and collect fun


  • Similar locations may get repetitive for previous version players
  • New duelling system may lack the complexity that older people want

8 Best Website to Free Download Harry Potter English Subtitles 2020

Are you a fan of the magic series adapted by the Harry Potter books, but you seem to miss out on exciting scenes because of the lack of Harry Potter English subtitles? It is especially true for those watching a movie that is not made in their original language. Watching subtitled movies are vital because they help us have a better understanding of what the film entails.

Harry Potter Book 5 Free Download

There are some great sites to download Harry Potter subtitles online. This is exactly why we made this content. Seatback and enjoy the top 8 websites where you can freely download the English subtitles of the Harry Potter movies.

Top 8 Websites to Freely Download Harry Potter English Subtitles

Below is the list of 8 best Harry Potter English subtitles downloading websites.

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Subtitle – YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles is an excellent site where you can download Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone subtitle. It also has a massive database for its vast collections of the latest movies.

The site is frequently updated so that you can download the best first season YIFY subtitles. YIFY captures one of the best English subtitles of Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

There are provisions in the site for other language options too. The build of YIFY is apt, plus it has a very user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation.

There is also one interesting thing about this site. It includes the ratings of their users, which will help other users make an informed decision when they go all out to get a subtitle.

Check out their website to download the Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone subtitle.


  • YIFY also offers other languages subtitles
  • User-friendly interface for you to download subtitle
  • Ratings are available for sorcerer’s stone subtitle

Image credit: YIFY

If you don’t want to download subtitles, you can also watch the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone easily in Prime Video without needing to be Amazon Prime membership. This HD video is an extended version, which means it has exclusive scenes that are not in the director’s cut.

Customer review is 4.8 out of 5. Around 90% people have rated it a 5-star.

Here to enjoy Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie directly! Free shipping!

2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Subtitles – Subscene

This site is one of the most famous out there where you can download Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets subtitles.

With its vast database, you’re sure to find most of the movies you’re looking. The site frequently updates its subtitles for the latest movies. Most of the subtitles update is done by their users and other websites that make use of the site.

The interface is friendly for new users as it allows them to navigate the site easily. Also, you can filter subtitles in the language of your choice.

There is also the request subtitle function that helps you demand not yet captured subtitles


  • Users frequently update subtitles
  • Request subtitle function for easy search
  • User-friendly interface to download subtitles

Image credit: Subscene

3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Subtitles – SubtitleDB

When you are looking for a site that is easy to download English subtitles of Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, then SubtitleDB is your best option.

Just like the other sites discusses above, it features a very easy-to-use interface that will allow for better navigation on their website. They have an extensive collection of Harry Potter movies and the HD subtitles, and you don’t have to pay a dime to download them.

Also, there are other subtitles other than English for any of the movies that you download from their site.


  • Download times will give you reference
  • A search bar for quick searches

Image credit: SubtitleDB

4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Subtitles – Subtitles.hr

Subtitles.hr is a website that you can easily free download Harry Potter and the goblet of fire subtitles. You need to go to this site and search Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. The caption it offered has more than 1000 downloads.

Click Download HARRY POTTER 4 GOBLET OF FIRE English subtitles to go to another page where you can click its title to start downloading.

The downloaded file is zip, so you need to unfold it after downloading it.


Harry Potter 4 Free Online

The whole downloading process is smooth

You need to be careful of the download buttons as they are ads

Image credit: Subtitles.hr

5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Subtitles – SubDl

It is the go-to site if you are seeking to download the English subtitle of Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix subtitles.

You can also watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Prime video easily.


It includes a dedicated search bar on its homepage to assist in quick visitors on searches. It also comes with its disable ads function that helps you get rid of those annoying ads at the click of your mouse.

Like the others we’ve discussed above, their site is quite easy to navigate. There other language subtitle options in their site that make it possible to get the subtitle of the movie for other languages. Visit their website to download Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix


  • Disable ads function
  • Easy-to-navigate interface

Image credit: SubDl

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6. Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince Subtitles – Loadsubs

It is one of the best sites you can obtain Harry Potter and the half-blood prince subtitles because they have some of the best and most detailed translations.
They also host one of the largest databases for subtitles on the web. Multiple subtitles are also one of the many features of the site so that most languages can be found on it.

With its top-notch search tool, you can filter your searches by loading the name of the movie or its IMDb identity.

Because their site hosts some of the best subtitles, you’ll get the English subtitle for Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince.


  • Straightforward interface for beginners
  • No annoying ads

Image credit: Loadsubs

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Subtitles – Elsubtitle

It is a free/paid online subtitle’s translator that is based on a machine translation functionality, which helps them translate movies in the desired language.

The English subtitle of Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1 can be easily gotten from this site. Even though their interface is ridden with a lot of annoying ads, the service they provide is compensation for it.

You can also get multiple translations of a movie from their site because of the integrated Subtitle Translator function it has.


  • Includes some great free online tools
  • Features a vast database for Harry Potter
  • Multiple language support function

Image credit: Elsubtitle

8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Subtitles – My Subs

Do you intend to download Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 English subtitles, but you don’t know where to download it? Try to check out My Subs.

Harry potter 5 watch online

Like the other sites we discussed above, this site also contains multiple subtitle options for movies hosted on their websites. They also have a TV Series section on their homepage where you can get some of the latest TV series for free.


  • Includes a well-categorized user-interface
  • Supports uploading of subtitles by users
  • Multiple language support function for deathly hallows part 2

Image credit: My Subs


Above is the list of Harry Potter English subtitles. Do you like these subtitles? Leave a comment to let us know.