How To Make A Wii Theme

Posted : admin On 8/24/2021
How To Make A Wii Theme
  • Go to Options Standard System Menu Version of your Wii Menu Region of your Wii Menu Go to File Open, then browse for where your.mym file is. Press Create csm, then browse for a directory you want to save the theme in. Give it a moment to build the theme.
  • Feb 08, 2012 Since my theme was Wii. I also wanted to pick a color theme to tie some of my random ideas together. I chose blue and green, since this was a boys party. Here are some of the decorations and things I designed for the party Wii Party Ideas.

Make sure you have BootMii installed in the boot2 sector & you have a good NAND back-up on hand, just case the theme you pick up is corrupted & places your Wii in a brick-state (which BootMii / boot2 can fix). The company added a dark theme a few versions back and with the Windows 10 1903 aka “May 2019 Update” includes a new light theme that you can enable. But you might want to make and save your. To install a theme, download one from below and copy the files to the 'apps' folder, just like an homebrew application. As soon you load it from the Homebrew Channel, the theme will be installed. Note: You must have the Homebrew Channel 1.0.7 or higher in order to use themes. Update your Homebrew Channel with the HackMii Installer.

Theme.xml Creator
Author(s)KrustyRM (EstebanRM)
TypePC utility

This is a very simple program that allows you to create a custom theme.xml for any HBC theme. You can input a version number, a description and choose any color for the font and progress bar. Of course, you will still have to create your own images. This is useful for the people that doesn't know how to edit HTML/RGBA code.

Theme.xml Creator in Windows.
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This program requires the latest version of Java to be installed on the PC. The source code (a NetBeans project, by the way) is available in case you want to modify it.

Load the program, enter a version number and optionally a theme description (this will be shown on the HBC Credits). Then, just choose the colors you want for the font and the corners of the progress bar. Finally, save the file and compress it with the theme images you created previously to a Remember you can always submit them here.

Language files

As of v1.2, the program can read language files with a *.properties extension from the /lang folder. Just translate the variables to the language of your preference and be sure to save the file as an Unicode document. In case you want to put Unicode charaters (with accents and all that stuff), you must write them in an Unicode format (like /u0034, for example) into the language file.

Therefore, no language selection option was added. The program detects it automatically from the installed OS language, so you need to give the correctly name to your *.properties file. For example, if you're planning to make a French language file, you need to add a '_fr' to the filename and save it in the /lang folder. In the end, it would be something like ''. You need to do this with every language that is not English.

Bugs & suggestions

Send me an e-mail to ejorama <at> hotmail <dot> com if you want to report a bug and/or tell me something to improve the program. You can also send a message to PabloACZ (pabloacurielz <at> gmail <dot> com). If I don't answer, he'll eventually tell me.

How To Make The Wii Theme In Minecraft


  • Team Twiizers and drmr, for the Wii Homebrew and the creation of such awesome themes.
  • The Xerces development library, which made possible the serialization of the generated theme.xml. If not, this definitely would't work.
  • PabloACZ, for the original idea and for doing this wiki page.
  • And last but not least, Selena (Xiangua), for testing a lot of *.xml's.

How To Make A Wii Theme



  • Made some minor changes to the GUI (the color selection window can now be closed manually, instead of having to press 'OK').
  • Changed the default colors shown in the program to the ones from the HBC Classic theme.
  • Added support for language files.
  • Released the source code. You can now download it separately.


  • Fixed some bugs and changed the color-selection code.


  • Initial version. Never released.
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How To Make A Wii Theme Games

When we released the Homebrew Channel 1.0.7, we supplied a new look and the announcement of a surprise. I must apologize for the delay in the revelation of this surprise, which is mostly owed to a complete meltdown of my work machine. Without much further ado, it is my pleasure to give you: Homebrew Channel themes, and a first theme: HBC Classic.

While the reactions to HBC 1.0.7’s new default theme – dubbed “Dark Waters” – were generally positive, some complained about it being too dark, unfitting, or simply “exceedingly ugly.” We’re usually not the makers of elaborate plots (that you know of), but this was actually fully intentional to draw a bit of attention not only to the function but also to the looks of the Homebrew Channel.

Applying themes to the Homebrew Channel

There are two options for you to apply a theme to the Homebrew Channel.

The first way is to treat a theme file just like you would treat an application: A subfolder in the apps folder on the SD card or USB stick, only with the file containing the theme files instead of boot.elf Sufiyana albums. containing an application. The theme file will then show up in the application browser, loading it will apply it to the Homebrew Channel. This allows you to conveniently switch between themes as you can store them along each other on the media of your choice.

The second way is to simply wiiload the to the Homebrew Channel, after which it will be immediately applied.

Once you apply a theme, it is permanently stored with the Homebrew Channel’s “savegame”.

How to revert the Homebrew Channel to the default theme

Currently, this only works by deleting the Homebrew Channel’s “savegame” via the System Menu’s data management. This, of course, also deletes the other preferences, so you will have to visit the Homebrew Channel’s options screen again. We may come up with a better way to remove a theme, but this is how it works for now.

Creating your own themes

Theming the Homebrew Channel is currently limited to skinning the user interface, i.e., replacing its graphics with same-sized ones. You can skin pretty much any graphical element of the Homebrew Channel, with the exception of the Wii remote pointer and the Homebrew Channel logo in the bottom right. (Yes, you can even insert your own bubble graphics. I propose: mice.)

Please take careful note that the graphics need to be the exact size of the ones they are replacing, there is no stretching/cropping mechanism in place. If the image dimensions mismatch, the image will be ignored and the default image will be used in its place. The same happens if you don’t include a file in the first place. This allows you to selectively skin the HBC. For example, if you only wanted to change the background image, your theme would only include the two background files.

How To Make A Wii Theme

How To Make A Wii Theme

Accompanying the image files is a small XML file named theme.xml. For now, it only includes a few color values and the name of the theme. The color values are in RGBA for the font (which is currently limited to one color GUI-wide) and the gradient to be used in the progress bar.

I believe I can leave you with the new HBC Classic theme as a template for both the sizes and the file naming. I trust you will be able to figure out the purpose of the various image files by their file name. You will notice that the Homebrew Channel’s GUI isn’t terribly complicated and re-uses many of its images in various places.

For theme publishing, I suggest you package theme files like an application. You can even include a screenshot or a cutout as icon.png and your name with the meta.xml file (note that you will still have to supply a theme.xml inside the file).

Theme repository – or lack thereof

As with applications, we do not intend to create a repository for themes ourselves. Since has proven to be a great repository for applications, we think it is a great place to store the accompanying themes. As usual, with Wiibrew, please don’t upload copyrighted content. For themes, this means: No copyrighted imagery, neither of photographic nor illustrative nature. Also, I would think that it is rather pointless to upload background-only themes.

So, there you have it. We are very much looking forward to see how you feel the Homebrew Channel should look like.