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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Kohls Admin House NBC is afreeplay place hosting the famous Command script, Kohl's Admin Commands. Players with admin privileges can use commands to either entertain or annoy others. (Owners and 'true' admins are given more commands.) 1 Task 2 Other variations 3 Criticism 4 Fatal gamebug Players. A command script is a script allowing certain users to perform certain actions in a game by using commands which are usually given through the chat or through a GUI text box usually toggled by a hotkey. The original widespread admin script was Person299's admin command script, which was used by many games until 2012 when Kohl's Admin Commands V2 was released. Usually, command scripts will.

In Roblox, some users are grant as an administrator notch due to their contribution in Roblox that helps it grow positive.

Such admin users can now create their own set of Roblox Admin Commands for their game using the same programming language which Roblox uses that is Lua.

Roblox Admin Commands are nothing but a readily available scripting code that can be used by game developers in their own games to allow specific game admins and perform special tasks in the game.

These Command codes are specific scripts designed by roblox administrator users to do certain tasks in their game when giving commands in chat box of the game or with GUI text box.

Page Contents

  • Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s) about Roblox Admin Commands
  • Beware – Scammers Are Operating Now!

These commands are created by roblox administrator users that mean roblox officially does not issue them. However, as the command scripts are being discovered more often by many roblox users, there are very few of these are dependable and available to the public now.

The tasks that these commands execute are very common in most of the games. All you have to do is enter such a command in the chat box. Below is the list of the most commonly used roblox admin commands:

Roblox Admin Commands That Are Used Commonly Everywhere

FireStarts the Fire
UnfireStops the Fire
FfGives force field to player
UnffCancels the effect of force field on the player
JumpMakes Player Jump
SparklesMakes Player Looks Sparkling
UnsparklesCancels the Sparkles command effect
KillKills the Player
LoopkillKills the Player Repeatedly
AdminAllows players to use the command script
UnadminCancels the effect of admin command on player
SitMakes the Player Sit in Game
TripMakes the Player Trip
God ModeMakes the Player Deadly to everything in the game
UnGod ModeCancels the effect of God Mode on Player
VisibleMakes the Player Visible
InvisibleMakes the Player Invisible
FixFixes the Script if its Broken
KickEjects the Player from the Game
JailCreates a Jail Around the Player
UnjailCancels the effect of Jail Command

What are the Most Popular Roblox Admin Commands?

Since any roblox administrator can create his own admin command script, there are thousands of them available online. But when it comes to most popular admin commands list 2020, we have few names for you.

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Kohl's Admin House Commands Roblox

Person299’s Admin command script is the first ever roblox admin command created in 2008 by an admin user on roblox called “Person299”. It is the most used admin command script till today. Since it is now outdated and many parts of it are broken, the script is being re-launched many times and is still surviving in the popular command list. Nowadays, Kohltastrophe’s admin command script is popular among users and is mostly being used.

There are more popular and user-friendly roblox admin commands lists for 2017-2018 available on roblox, here are they in the list below:

Admin Command Script NameYear ReleasedMaintenance Status
Person299's admin commands2008Inactive
Havemeat's admin commands2010Inactive
Quenty's GUI admin command2012Active
Corecii's admin commands2012Active
Kohl's admin commands2012Inactive
Scripth's Admin2014Inactive
Kohl's Admin Infinite2015Active

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s) about Roblox Admin Commands

We have mentioned some of the F.A.Q’s that are commonly asked about admin commands of roblox game. We have tried to give the best possible answers to these questions below. Check them out to know about admin commands of roblox.


Who Can Use These Admin Commands?

Anyone who is developing its own roblox game, can command its game with one of the roblox admin command codes. These commands can only be used in programming language called Lua that supports Roblox. Roblox game developer can use these commands.

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If you wish to become a roblox game developer, then you can learn how to make a game on roblox and become a developer in roblox platform.

However, video game players who know the exact key phrases of actions associated with these commands can also make use of these commands while playing the game.

How to Know Usable Admin Commands of any Game?

To know the initial commands of any game you are playing in roblox, all you need to do is just head on to your chat box and type “:cmds” it will show you all the commands that are usable in the game for you.

Simply download roblox admin commands list from there and use it in your gameplay.

Roblox kohls admin infinite commands

Is it compulsory to Use These Commands While Creating a Game?

Roblox game development is itself a very deep in coding. If you are using already developed game templates to create your own game, then you probably don’t need any external admin command for your game. If you are starting from a blank canvas, then you are already capable enough to create your own admin commands for your game.

It is not compulsory to use any roblox admin commands for you in your game.

Can Anyone Hack Admin Commands of any Game to Manipulate the Gameplay?

Recently, I have noticed that lots of scammers are claiming that roblox admin commands hack is possible, and they can hack it just like that. But the truth is, no one can hack any admin command without involvement of admin himself. All the data and scripting of any game is stored on a secured roblox servers. And Hacking into roblox servers is nearly impossible nowadays.

So, No one can hack roblox admin commands.

When hackers are trying to hack into Roblox servers, first of all, they try to find their assets or models using the Roblox asset downloader search on Google. We have a great review about Roblox asset downloader at nsnhv, where we have shared the truth about it; do not forget to check out the article too.

Is it safe to use Admin Commands in your Game?

Today, there are thousands of new admin commands have been invented by roblox users. A lot of them are trustworthy but most of them are still not tested. If you are a beginner game developer in roblox, then I would recommend using only above mentioned trusted roblox commands that are popular and is being used by millions of roblox game developers all around the world.

Above-mentioned the admin command list is 100% genuine and safe to use.

So, these are all F.A.Q’s for this topic today.

Kohl Commands Roblox List

Beware – Scammers Are Operating Now!

It is observed that lots of roblox game players are in the hunt of mythical admin commands for any specific game which will benefit them unnaturally while playing. It is because some scammers have spread news about a new cheat in roblox in the form of unethical admin commands.


As a responsible roblox fan, I have to burst this myth for the sake of all my fellow roblox game players. The admin commands users are asking and hunting to take a short term benefit from the game is actually does not exist.

Here is how it works:

Kohl Commands Roblox

Whenever you search for any admin command that is a hoax, few portals or videos from YouTube claims that they have such a set of commands that will gain you more profit when used in a specific game.

They then ask you to download those command set. When you try to download the command set, the server ask you to verify yourself if you are human or a robot. When you try to verify yourself, the server ask you for your personal information such as your email or phone numbers. Such scammers then sell this data of yours to several advertising networks to scam you later with their advertisements.

Well, it is better to stay away from any greed of achieving more profit using shortcuts in the form of commands that actually are not there.

Stay away from such scams, play fare, give healthy competitions and win with your efforts.

Well, this is the end of this article on roblox admin commands. Is there anything that I have missed covering about roblox admin commands in this article?

Roblox Kohls Admin Infinite Commands

If so, please let me know the same and I will add your question in above F.A.Q list with its in-depth answer so that other users will also get the answered for their unasked questions.

Till then, happy gaming.

Jul 8th, 2013
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Roblox Kohl Commands

  1. This paste contains 173 Random ROBLOX Gear Codes, as well as the two mystery codes, and my favorite set to make with Admin Commands (Preferably Kohl's, at the Admin House), the OverSeer Set, containing an extra Gear Code. The two mystery IDs are Gear Codes that are for gears that ROBLOX accidentally deleted from files and therefore the Gear no longer exists. I still have them on record. The pages for them are not listed, but you'll find the pages if you look through ROBLOXes gear Inventory..
  2. Some names may not be clear, because in my notepad I typed them how it best sounded to me. If you want to know the name of a Gear ID:
  3. Go to any ROBLOX Gear
  4. Look at the URL
  5. Replace the numbers at the end with the ID of the gear you want
  6. Press enter
  7. -----------------------------------
  8. ----------------------------------
  9. Overseer Package
  10. Overseer Bow 101078524
  11. Levitating Cosmo Staff 48596324
  12. Overseer Eye 82665932
  13. -----------------------------------
  14. -----------------------------------
  15. R-Orb 98411393
  16. Super Freeze Ray 42845853
  17. Air Strike 88885539
  18. RC Tank 83021197
  19. Raig Table 110789105
  20. Paint Bucket 18474459
  21. Heat-Seeker 67747912
  22. Exponential 90718505
  23. Icy Arctic Fowl 101078559
  24. Dual Darkheart 108149175
  25. Dual Illumina 101191388
  26. Sentry 68603151
  27. Cloak of the Undying 94794833
  28. M1 Grenade 94233286
  29. Dual Plungers 114690870
  30. Bald Eagle 120749494
  31. Icy Arctic Fowl 101078559
  32. Snake Sniper 113299620
  33. Fallen Artemis 110892267
  34. Sword of Ancalagon 62350883
  35. USA Fireworks 85145730
  36. Single Darkheart 1685215
  37. Single Illumina 16641274
  38. Grapple Hook 30393548
  39. Artemis Bow 92142841
  40. ROBLOX Skateboard 27902303
  41. American Rockets 1776 120749452
  42. US of Rock Guitar 52625728
  43. Minion 119934168
  44. Grav Coil 16688968
  45. Decoy Deploy 30392263
  46. Dance Potion 27858062
  47. Katana 11453385
  48. Zombie Staff 26421972
  49. Bloxxy Cola 10472779
  50. BC Skateboard 27902388
  51. Bucket 25162389
  52. Birthday Pinata 34398938
  53. War Rocks 10884288
  54. Cerulean Vengeance 24713330
  55. Ninja Sai 51346336
  56. Snowball 19328185
  57. Teddy Bloxpin 12848902
  58. Elegant Blade 15470359
  59. Slateskin Potion 11450664
  60. OBC Skateboard 27902406
  61. ROBLOX Frisbee 25158998
  62. Moonwalk Dance Potion 32353654
  63. Black Hole Bomb 28277486
  64. Cheezburger 16726030
  65. Freeze Ray 26013203
  66. Rocket Launcher (Bad Aim) 32356064
  67. Firebrand 32858699
  68. Noise Maker 20056642
  69. Foam Finger 21439965
  70. TBC Skateboard 27902398
  71. Ninja Jump 46846115
  72. Ninja Blink 47597835
  73. 4 String Roblocaster Premeire Guitar 14492601
  74. Scythe of Singularity 50938765
  75. 2010 Fireworks 20064349
  76. Noobtube 27474371
  77. Positronic Arm Cannon 48847374
  78. Fencing Foil 10831489
  79. Orange Katana 25545089
  80. Iris Katana 22787168
  81. Jade Katana 21294489
  82. Golden Katana 18776718
  83. Pirate Hook 14131602
  84. First Aid Kit 45201977
  85. Cherry Pie 40493590
  86. Apple Pie 18426536
  87. Ice Potion 46362414
  88. Penguin Potion 46360821
  89. Sand Tempest Scimitar 12187431
  90. BANG! 26419811
  91. Microphone 45754061
  92. Trident 30847746
  93. Otterhead Shortsword 21439778
  94. Spikey Stick of Civilized Negotiation 18409191
  95. Bloxaide 17237662
  96. Frost Potion 42845896
  97. Cupcake Launcher 34399318
  98. Bloxxy Radar 29532138
  99. Mariachi Guitar 26673760
  100. Deputy Bobby's Cowboy Boots 49052638
  101. Crowbar 21445765
  102. Positronic Platform Producer 34898883
  103. Sonic Boom Tuba 47871635
  104. Saxophone 45094376
  105. Tomahawk 44084783
  106. Taser Blade 50938773
  107. Danceblaster 45941451
  108. Blunderbuss 30847685
  109. The Awe Star 18010691
  110. Tribal Spear 38326803
  111. Kunai 47262108
  112. Drum Kit 33866728
  113. Korblox Tripmine 51757158
  114. Gravitational Radiation Hammer 33866846
  115. Crossbow 16216702
  116. Chiefjustus Gavel 120749528
  117. ROBLOX Classic Brigand Sword 10468915
  118. Orc Blade 10469910
  119. Board With a Nail in It 10510024
  120. Witches Brew 10727852
  121. Black Iron Mace of Pwnage 10730984
  122. Bluesteel Claw 10758456
  123. Staff of Sparks 10760425
  124. Fencing Foil 10831489
  125. Knight's Sword 10831509
  126. War Rocks 10884288
  127. Pirate Cutlass 10910681
  128. Shadowy Ninja Star 11115851
  129. Staff of the Woodlands 11373617
  130. Silver Ninja Star 11377306
  131. Red Stratobloxxer 11419882
  132. Claymore 11452821
  133. Fuse Bomb 11563251
  134. Blow Dryer 11719016
  135. Rolling Pin 11885154
  136. Bloxilicious Bubble Gum 11895536
  137. Police Baton 11956382
  138. Spec Alpha Bio Energy Sword 11999235
  139. Subspace Tripmine 11999247
  140. XLS Mark Pulse Laser Pistol 11999279
  141. Wooden Sword 12145515
  142. Sword of the Highlander 12187319
  143. Ronin Katana 12187348
  144. Electric Blue 12504077
  145. Space Sandwich 12547976
  146. Roman Candle 12562390
  147. Sparkler 12562394
  148. R-80 12562495
  149. Double Bladed Hand Axe 12775410
  150. Teddy Trap 12890798
  151. Classic Tool 58921588
  152. Build Material 58901405
  153. Rotate Tool 58880579
  154. Part Selection/Stamper Tool 73089166
  155. Delete Tool 73089190
  156. Configure Tool 73089239
  157. Clone Tool 73089204
  158. Wiring Tool 73089259
  159. Mystery 1 66416590
  160. Mystery 2 66416602
  161. Pink Paintball 30649735
  162. Red Paintball 26014536
  163. Green Paintball 27245855
  164. Blue Paintball 26017478
  165. Zombie Dog 121385262
  166. Astral Isle Frog Wand 106701619
  167. Astral Cloak 114020538
  168. Arm Stretch Astral Isle 106701702
  169. Astral Isle Rats 106701564
  170. Astral Isle Pegasus 106701659
  171. Captain SteelShanks 71597060
  172. Meteor Staff 87361806
  173. Staff of the Woodlands11373617
  174. Vine Staff 30847733
  175. Bo Staff 47262951
  176. Staff of Gloomy Grip 33382711
  177. Staff of Shifting Polarity 61459706
  178. Staff of the Raging Storm 49491808
  179. Earth's Might Staff 102705386
  180. Holiday Ornament Staff 99797357
  181. Ice Staff 19704064
  182. Staff of Azure Ever Ice 32858662
  183. Flaming Dragon Bo Staff 73232786
  184. Staff of Sparks 10760425
  185. Staff of Celestial Light 49491781
  186. Zeus Lighting Bolt Staff 66416616
  187. Staff of the Winds 18462637
  188. Necrosapien Staff 64647651
  189. Staff of Neverending Frost 66896601
  190. Staff of Crimson Chaos Fire 32858741
  191. Statue Staff of Stony Justice 59190534
  192. Protest Sign: Save the Zombies 21440120
  193. Flamethrower 33879504
  194. Need any other gear codes, or have some for me to add to the list? PM me on ROBLOX.

Kohl's Admin Commands List