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Game File: LEGO Harry Potter - Years 5-7 (USA) PSP ISO Game Size: 1.1GB Game Console: Playstation Portable Game Region: USA Game Genre: Action, Adventure Game Release Date: LEGO Harry Potter - Years 5-7 (USA) PSP ISO Credits LEGO Harry Potter - Years 5-7 (USA) PSP ISO Guides LEGO Harry Potter - Years 5-7 (USA) PSP ISO Cheats LEGO Harry Potter - Years 5-7 (USA) PSP ISO Guides LEGO Harry. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 - Gameplay PSP HD 720P (Playstation Portable) Visit us at for more Enhanced graphics with emulator JPC.

Well dressed charm with the Lego brand.


Bright and enjoyable Lego fun with another franchise instalment. Years 1-4 was a refreshing blast of Lego amusement, especially since most players were expecting to be sick of it by now. Thankfully, Lego bounced back with a well crafted and story driven game, but is years 5 to 7 just as good (or better)?

Well Directed And The Effects Are Good

The graphics are typically good computer-generated Lego style, with the graphics becoming more polished as time goes on. Of the noticeably good things are the directing and visual effects, both of which are very good and very clever. Look on YouTube for the scene where Voldemort (the bad guy) dies to see how well the visual effects are directed.

Dueling With Your Wand

The simplification of the use of the wand has made the gameplay experience more fun and somehow more immersive. Hogwarts is more like a puzzle box that you can explore, which means it is far removed from the level system that existed in the Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean games. Yes, there are points and areas that move the story along, but they feel natural and organic to the point where you can forgive them when you are railroaded. Circle y saddle number lookup.

The Typical Lego Fun Dynamic

There are plenty of things to collect and lots to smash up, but the game falls down a little when you realize just how similar it is to the first version. There are many areas that have only changed a little. The biggest difference is that you are moving a different story along, but like in the movies, you are doing it in very similar settings.

The Things You Are Bound To Notice

There are plenty of magic movie moments that have been expertly rendered, which does make this a game ideal for fans. There is also a section where you get to fly over London landmarks on a broom.

There is a new duelling system that is far more simplified, which is probably a bad thing, but it helps to suitably recreate the action and magic of the duels from the movies.

The entire game is very well paced, there is plenty to do, and you can complete the game’s 24 levels if you are tired of exploring. There is lots of variety and on the whole, it is a good and well-packaged game.



Lego Harry Potter Years 5 7 Psp Iso Download Rom

  • Great for Harry Potter fans
  • The new duelling system makes the fight scenes better
  • Well rendered movie moments
  • Smash and collect fun


  • Similar locations may get repetitive for previous version players
  • New duelling system may lack the complexity that older people want

LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 PC Full Version – Seri lanjutan dari game LEGO Harry Potter, game ini masih termasuk dalam game ringan, masih dengan grafis 3D nya, dalam game ini akan tersaji 3 buah cerita dari Harry Potter 5, 6 dan 7, Sebelumnya Mimin sudah membagikan seri awal dari game ini yaitu LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 PC Download.

Download LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 PC, Based on the last three Harry Potter books and final four films, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 takes players through Harry Potter’s heroic adventures in the Muggle and wizarding worlds. From Privet Drive in Little Whinging to Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and Hogwarts, players will encounter new faces, new challenges and new magic, preparing them for the ultimate face-off against Lord Voldemort!
Key Features:

Learn and use new charms and spells, including the Unforgivable Curses
Master advanced duelling skills and battle Voldemort’s Death Eaters
Unlock over 100 characters, including Fenrir Greyback, Bellatrix Lestrange & Professor Slughorn
Explore new locations, including Grimmauld Place, the Ministry of Magic, and Godric’s Hollow
Play with friends and family using easy drop-in/drop-out co-op play with dynamic split screen

Screenshot :

Link Download :

  • LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 PC Full Version
  • Size : 7.7GB
  • Versi : “RELOADED”
  • Status : Tested (Windows 7)
  • Single Link
  • [Acefile] [GoogleDrive] [Sharer]
  • Part Link
  • Acefile : [Part1] [Part2] [Part3] [Part4]
  • Sharer : [Part1] [Part2] [Part3] [Part4]
  • GoogleDrive : [Download 4Part]
  • Uptobox : [Download 4Part]

System Requirements :

  • OS: Windows XP SP3 Vista or Windows 7
  • Processor: Dual Core CPU @ 2GHz (Pentium D or better)
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 8.5 GB free HDD space
  • Video Card: Shader Model 3 graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 6800, 7800, 8xxx or better; ATI X1950 or better)

Cara Install LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 PC :

  1. Download file dari link diatas
  2. Mount file ISO dengan Daemon Tools
  3. Jalankan setupnya
  4. Tunggu proses Install sampai selesai
  5. Copy semua file dari folder CRACK ke folder Installan
  6. Jalankan gamenya
  7. Selamat bermain LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 PC !!!

LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 PC Full Version

Lego Harry Potter Years 5 7 Psp Iso Download Torrent

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