Lync 2011 For Mac Not Signing In

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I have install mac lync to an internal mac that on same network as Lync server. It even join the domain. I can not login I have update to latest version and try add trusted root cert. I able to ping from the mac to the lync server. The lync is in house and not 365 and most solutions I found refer to 365 lync. Installation Type page, select Install and the Lync 2011 Installer will begin installing the program on your Mac. After the installation is finished you will be brought to a screen saying the installation was successful, click Close and you will now see a Microsoft Lync 2011 icon in your Mac’s application dock such as the one below. Specifically, it has the following advice to sign in to Lync for Mac 2011 with your Office 365 account: In the Microsoft Lync for Mac sign-in window, type your Office 365 email address, Microsoft Online Services ID, for example, [email protected], and password. Under Authentication, clear the Use Kerberos check box.


  • 2 incompatible with Microsoft Lync” error

Skype for Business: Fix “Cannot sign in because the server version is

incompatible with Microsoft Lync” error

Shipment of glass fallout 4. The basic and first question that arises is that: What is Skype for Business

The idea of using Skype for business is very old and it’s use for business started very soon after it’s inception. There are many cases in which one organization or professionals from very far away want to collaborate with someone else or have a meeting to discuss things out. There is no way that either of those parties want the conversation to be compromised so here Skype comes in picture. It provides live video call with security to it’s users and also allows big companies to have conference meetings and discuss their propaganda through this virtual meetings. Thus Skype has been really a boon for business through which many deals have taken place. So these are the different uses of Skype and it’s variety of features which make Skype so popular.

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In 2014 Microsoft announced that their product named as Lync could be replaced by Skype for Business in 2015. They claimed that it would combine features of consumer Skype software which was their best feature and in April 15 Microsoft officially launched Skype for Business which gave Skype a bit of a shock. In September-October Skype for Business for Mac client was released which was an initiative by apple to make Skype compatible with their machines.

If you ever use your Skype for Business you might have noticed that your Lync client will automatically get upgraded to the latest version from itself without any hassle but if you are in a rather older Office Communication Server (OCS) version or an environment. Then this could cause an incompatibility problem and you might have to do it all by yourself but relax since you are at the right place. The error which you might get could be of following type: “Cannot sign in because the server version is incompatible with Microsoft Lync “. Contact your support team with this information. And specifically and fortunately for this most common problem there is a registry hack that will get you working again as smooth as before.

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Fix “Cannot sign in because the server version is incompatible with Microsoft Lync” error : Skype for Business

Lync 2011 Mac Not Signing In

The usual simple and easy steps are as follows:-

Step 1) Select “Start” > “regedit” > and then press this keyword carefully which is “Enter”.
Step 2) Now all you have to do is to navigate to this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Policies / Microsoft / Office / 16.0 / Lync
Step 3) Thank me and enjoy since it is done

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So technically you need to add a Registry Key to tell your Microsoft Lync client to ignore the server compatibility check. Another similar but a slightly different approach would be:-

Step 1) Run regedit and for some mind blowing geniuses. (Open command prompt, type regedit)
Step 2) You now have to navigate to the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Policies > Microsoft > Communicator.
Step 3) You now have to right-Click, Select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
Step 4) You now have to enter the Name exactly as “DisableServerCheck”.
Step 5) You now have to right click on the new Registry key you just created and select Modify.
Step 6) You now have to enter value data of 1 (Base = Hexadecimal).
Step 7) Click OK(again most difficult step among all the steps mentioned above).
Now when you attempt to sign in again you should be greeted with success which is completely yours.

Well there is no conclusion but all I can say is try to keep yourself updated and be safe and secure. Till then good day or night depending on when are you reading this article and keep sharing.

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Does Lync Mac 2011 work?

With OS10.11.6? (or a particular OS?)

Is there a secret to making this work?

I have a user who said it worked previously, now it doesn't work on their MacBook.

Another IT person said they heard that a Mac system update might have broken Lync Mac.

I tried installing it on an extra MacBook Air that we have.

When I try to Sign In, I get a general error message;

'Sign in to Microsoft Lync failed because the service is not available..'

Lync 2011 For Mac Not Signing Invalid

I have tried Advanced, and entering the Internal and External server name and get the same error.

Lync 2011 for mac not signing invoice

Does anyone know if there are any upgrades or tricks to making this work?


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MacBook Air, OS X El Capitan (10.11.6)

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