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QualityWings Simulations Tuesday, January 15, 2019 Reading time: 3 minutes Public Dear 146 Flyers, we have just released an update for our Ultimate 146 Collection. QualityWings Simulations’ Ultimate 14 Collection has entered beta testing as it transitions to a new platform, Prepar3D Version 4! Originally released for FSX in 2012, QualityWings’ Ultimate 146 Collection is loved by many in the community so this move will be welcomed by many.

The Ultimate 146 Collection - Frequently Asked Questions

Do note that the information given here are limited to The Ultimate 146 Collection only. Other products may differ!

How much does the product package cost?

$47.99 USD incl. local VAT if applied


What does the product include?

See below for details:

  • FS9 and FSX Product compatibility
  • (3) Avro RJ Series exterior models (RJ70, RJ85, RJ100)
  • (3) BAe 146 Series exterior models (BAe 146-100, 146-200 & 146-300)
  • Full analogue flightdeck for BAe 146-100/200 & an early EFIS style flightdeck for the -300
  • Full 2D Panel (widescreen and normal aspect ratio)
  • Autopilot with VNAV, LNAV, Level Change and Autoland
  • FMC, capable of SIDS, STARS, Altitude Restrictions, Holdings, Fixes, etc.
  • GNS-XLS FMC for the BAe 146 Series
  • Fully simulated Electric, Fuel, Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems
  • Virtual Cockpit with parallel functionality as the 2D and advanced multi-stage night lighting
  • Virtual Cockpit with High Resolution Textures
  • Full ALF507 soundset
  • Full flight dynamics suite for each variant
  • QualityWings Dispatcher to manage your repaints and aircraft load
  • Large selection of high quality repaints (~30 liveries)
  • Native FSX models including QWHDT High Resolution Textures (utilizing FSX's advanced materials such as Spec- and Bump-Maps)
  • High quality repaints in standard definition and QWHDT (not ALL repaints might get available in QWHDT, but the popular ones will for sure)

I purchased the Ultimate 146 Collection before all 3 stages were complete. So what is the current status of the release?

Stage 1: Released


Stage 2: Released

Stage 3: Released

What is your Refund Policy?

As a general policy, subject to the refund policies listed below, Flight1 allows most products to be returned or refunded within 30 days. In some cases a refund may not be able to be processed. Please read the information below for more information on our refund policies. On boxed or CD ROM titles, only the product price is refunded, not the shipping. All products must also be returned in excellent condition, with no items or inserted material missing.

If your order was purchased from a file using the Flight1.com Download E-Commerce system, we will require you to fill out a simple online affidavit stating proper removal of the title and keys from your computer. This is handled online via our ticket system. Please note that in some instances your ability to purchase new products or receive refunds may be limited if it turns out there is a considerably high rate of refunds associated with a credit card number, person, or email address. This is to protect Flight1 against potential fraud (see the notes in the fraud section below), or bank expenses. We want to be as fair as possible, and it is common for there to be an occasional refund. If your accounts are flagged in our system, and you want to discuss this with Flight1 administrators, please contact us via our ticket system.

What is QWPAS?

The QualityWings Automatic Pre-Recorded Announcement System will automatically play many common pre-recorded announcements which are triggered based on Flight Activity and specific user inputs. You can even let it play the sound of airline-specific safety-videos, depending on the livery you've chosen!

Is there a manual that I can view to get a better idea about this package?

Where can I download liveries?

Will my purchase include all the latest service packs?


Does this package include a Virtual Cabin?

This product does NOT feature any virtual cabins or virtual bathrooms.

What Simulator is this package designed for?

Qualitywings ultimate 146 collection

The 146 is designed for both, FS9 and FSX. FSX models are no port-overs from FS9 and take full advantage of FSX features like self-shadows and bump mapping.

Is this product compatible with DX10 preview mode in FSX?


Does the product include TCAS?

Yes. TCAS is included.

Qualitywings Livery Manager

Is this product AES compliant?


Does the product have Navigraph Support?

Yes. For more information visit: www.navigraph.com

Does your product have support for third party hardware products such as 'OpenCockpit FMC or 'VRinsight M Panel'?

We're looking at possible solutions for this, can't guarantee compatibility at this point though.

Can I purchase any parts (exterior, sounds, etc) of the package separately?

No. The Product is being sold as a complete package.

How Much Hard Drive Space is required?

FS9 is approximately 450MB.

FSX is approximately 999MB.

QualityWings Simulations has released the Ultimate 146 Collection for Prepar3D V4. Previously available in 32-bit, the latest release brings the aircraft up to 64-bit compatibility although functionally, the aircraft is the same as the legacy version. Keep in mind, the package is considered a new product and owners of the previous version will need to repurchase.

Check out the official video trailer below.

Next, see a complete product features list.

Exterior Model

Choose between 6 Highly accurate and detailed models.

  • British Aerospace BAe146-100
  • British Aerospace BAe146-200
  • British Aerospace BAe146-300
  • British Aerospace Avro RJ70
  • British Aerospace Avro RJ85
  • British Aerospace Avro RJ100

Key Features

  • Exceptional attention to detail and typical characteristics of the BAe146 and Avro RJ
  • High resolution texturing
  • Customized Environment Map for natural reflections
  • QWHDT – QualityWings High Definition Textures for most liveries
  • Fully customized Bump- and Specular Maps
  • See-through cabin windows with modeled cabin and passengers*
  • Multi-Stage super detailed night lighting
  • Customized Landing Lights
  • NAV lights and Strobes cast light splashes on the ground
  • Sperry autopilot (BAe146)
  • Thrust Modulation System (BAe146)

*Note that the product has NO virtual cabin. The modeled cabin is for the exterior view only.

Kenmore refrigerator manual 106. Over 100 Realistic Animations Included

  • Shock Strut Compression controlled by XML (no tire sinking into the ground)
  • Realistic XML controlled Wingflex, reacting to turbulences
  • Realistic XML controlled Flap system
  • XML controlled detailed Airbrake and Liftdumpers ( depending on Hydraulic Pressure )
  • XML controlled rudder (locks at low speeds to simulate Tiller control)
  • All primary and secondary Flight Controls including tab-controlled aileron and elevator
  • Working two-speed wipers
  • Super Smooth Gear animation
  • Realistic Nose Wheel Steering
  • Moving Pilots
  • Animated Airstair
  • Entry/Cargo Doors with correct animation (controllable by the Qualitywings Control Panel)
  • AOA Sensor
  • Wheel Chocks
  • Engine Covers
  • Remove Before Flight tags
  • Ground Power Unit

*Note that the product has NO virtual cabin. The modeled cabin is for the exterior view only.

The Flightdeck

Depending on the selected model, we offer three different Cockpit layouts. Each represents a different evolution of the airplane and is available as 2D and 3D virtual cockpit.Cockpit layouts are:

  • BAe146-100 and -200 style cockpit (fully analogue) featuring GNS-XLS FMC
  • BAe146-300 style cockpit (simple EFIS) featuring GNS-XLS FMC
  • Avro RJ series style cockpit (full EFIS) featuring GNLU910 FMC

Key Features

  • Detailed 2D Cockpit featuring both Widescreen (16:10 aspect ratio) and Standard (4:3 aspect ratio) resolution bitmaps
  • Detailed 3D Virtual Cockpit with parallel functionality as 2D environment. If it works in the 2D, it works in the 3D
  • Autopilot with VNAV, LNAV, Flight Level Change and Autoland capability
  • Thrust Rating Panel
  • Full simulation of Electric, Fuel, Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems
  • Transponder with FSINN / Squawkbox compatibility
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System with aural warning sounds
  • Customizable Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) with FULL Altitude Callout. You choose which callouts you want!
  • Standard and LITE panel modes available on the fly via the QualityWings Control Panel. Standard mode balances realism and simplified approach. Optional LITE mode available for those who really want things SIMPLE.
  • Options Galore (Available via Config file)
  • Two different Flight Management Systems depending on variant selected (GNLU910 or GNS-XLS)
  • Over 200 Annunciators
  • Master Warning and Central Status Panel
  • Selectable Landing Flap Datum
  • Steep Approach mode (inhibits GPWS warnings)
  • Speedcard giving you the correct reference speeds
  • Realistic photoreal textures

Qualitywings Ultimate 1460

Additional Virtual Cockpit Features

  • Many additional animations and details like opening flightdeck window
  • Working wiper
  • Multi-stage Night Lighting with dimmable Flood Lighting

Flight Dynamics

  • Realistic but balanced Flight Model
  • Developed according to original documentation and under real life Avro pilot RJ assistance


  • A realistic ALF507 soundset including various cockpit environment, EGPWS and miscellaneous sounds.
  • Includes advanced sound cone design to give an even more realistic immersion.
  • Authentic Soundset for the Allied Signal LF-507 engine
  • Flightdeck Environment Sounds (Equipment Cooling, FSB/NS Signs, etc.)
  • Aural Warnings (Chimes, Horns, etc.)
  • Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)
  • Realistic Click-sounds in the Cockpit
  • Characteristic Flap extension / retraction wind sounds (howl)
  • APU and GPU sounds
  • Optimized to eliminate phasing sounds
  • Sound Cones (sounds vary depending on viewing angle)


  • Over 60 High Quality liveries to choose from. Every livery is created with exceptional attention to detail**
  • Detailed but easy to use repaint kit

To review the official release announcement, see the note via the developers Facebook page. Alternatively, to learn more, review additional product media, or to purchase, visit the product sales page via Flight One Software. As of the time of this writing, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are priced at $19.95 USD.

Qualitywings livery manager

*Video and feature image courtesy of QualityWings Simulations.