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A RAR password unlocker allows you to unlock your password protected RAR archives. The unlocker utility usually has intelligent algorithms to find and crack the password for your RAR files so you can open and access the files inside your archives. Here is a Video that shows you how to unlock WIN RAR password using WIN RAR PASSWORD UNLOCKER Download Linkhttps://mega.nz/#!0ThDhQaI!vZo64NpU1JvHpm50PBwS4B.

If forgot RAR password, how can you unrar or unzip rar file?

Probably you cannot find a way to directly unzip encrypted rar archive, but as long as you retrieve RAR password, it would be possible. Don't you think so? Now the article will talk about this problem from this point of view in two parts.

How to Retrieve Forgotten RAR File Password?

Free notepad, RAR Password Genius Standard and Professional version would be used in this part to retrieve RAR file password. But all of them could recover all kinds of RAR password. Surely it is not. Follow article in this part please and find the best way for you to get RAR password.

Your best bet would be to use a password unlocker like Pasper for RAR or PassFab for RAR. A few things that you should keep an eye on when choosing a RAR password unlocker: Success rate (how successful it is in recovering passwords). Recovery speed (how long does it take it for it to recover a password). The application comes with a very intuitive simplistic interface and you simply need to browse to the RAR file you want to unlock. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file onto the main.

3 Ways to Retrieve RAR File Forgotten Password

Way 1: Retrieve RAR Forgotten Password with Notepad

Notepad is common and free for everyone to use on computer. Just type several commands in notepad and run it, you would probably find RAR password, because it is only available for numeric RAR password. It is still worth a try if you don't know anything about RAR forgotten password.

Passper for RAR - Best RAR Password Unlocker. The most recommended RAR password unlocking.

1-1 Type commands in new notepad and save it rar-password.bat.

The commands consist of lot of lines, so now I will not list them. If you want to get more information or copy the command to use, just go to see the article free way to find rar password.

1-2 Double-click bat file and open a command prompt window.

1-3 Input RAR file name and press Enter to type RAR file path.

Look at RAR file properties and get its name and path. Type them in appropriate location in opening window.

1-4 Press Enter again in window to find specified RAR file password.

Once you press Enter, commands in bat file will run to find password for RAR file you just specify name and path. Probably instantly, or a period of time later, you would get RAR file password. But don't be disappointed. There are still another two utilities that can easily and fast recover RAR password in following.

Way 2: Retrieve RAR Password with RAR Password Genius Standard

If you have only one computer used to retrieve RAR password, RAR Password Genius Standard is a better choice. If there is not only one computer in Local Area Network can be used, I would recommend you way 3 to get RAR password faster with Professional version.

2-1 On RAR Password Genius information page, choose Standard version and install it on computer.

2-2 Add encrypted RAR file with Open button after you run RAR Password Genius Standard.

2-3 Set password attack type, password range, length, mask or dictionary path etc parameters.

2-4Start to retrieve RAR password with password attack type you choose.

How much time it would cost?

It would depend on RAR password complexity, password attack type you choose and parameters you set. So besides password complexity, there are still two factors we could control to accelerate RAR password recovery.

Way 3: Retrieve RAR Password with RAR Password Genius Professional

Different from way 2, RAR Password Genius Professional would largely improve RAR password recovery speed by mainly creating password recovery client program run on other computers in same LAN (Local Area Network). Similarly, you can set password recovery range and length too on Professional version.

Step 1: Install and run RAR Password Genius Professional on your PC.

Step 2: Create and run client program iSunshare RAR Peer on other PCs in LAN.

1. Click Make Peer button on RAR Password Genius Professional and you would get installation file of client program instantly.

2. Send the installation file to other available computers in same LAN, and install then launch iSunshare RAR Peer.

Tips: iSunshare RAR Peer is not working now, until it receives information from main program RAR Password Genius Professional.

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Step 3: Import encrypted RAR file into RAR Password Genius Professional and set password range/length.

It is the same to Standard version. But only password range and length you can choose to shorten password recovery time in Professional version.

Step 4: Start main program and client programs work to retrieve RAR password together.

1. Don't be hesitated to click Start button on RAR Password Genius Professional.

2. If the network is no problem, iSunshare RAR Peer on all computers in the LAN would begin to work. All of them would help to check possible passwords one by one according to the range and length you set.

3. Until RAR file password is recovered and pops up on RAR Password Genius Professional, client program iSunshare RAR Peer would be back to status 'Not Work'.

Maybe it seems complex when you choose RAR Password Genius Professional. But in fact, what you need to do more is just creating and installing client program in the LAN. And sometimes you would don't have to do by yourself if you can call others for help. Besides, if the encrypted RAR file is protected with powerful or complex password, one computer is not enough to find RAR password in short time. What you can do is to let more and more accessible computers join in RAR password recovery. So in order to unrar encrypted RAR file soon, RAR Password Genius Professional is a good choice.

How to Open and Unrar Encrypted RAR File?

After trying to retrieving RAR password with above three ways, believe you have had encrypted RAR file password in hand. Now in this part, just use password to open and unrar encrypted RAR file.

1. Double-click encrypted RAR file and open it in WinRAR etc compression software.

2. Click Extract to button on toolbar, and confirm location to save RAR files after unraring archive. Click OK.

3. Type RAR file password in input box and click OK to unrar rar file.

Instantly, encrypted RAR archive is unzipped successfully and you can edit documents stored in it.

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The current computing environment has made easy to access and share information over the internet. When sharing multiple files, it becomes necessary to compress it. Since RAR is the most common and stable format of compression and also offers security, you are likely to use it.


In this event you make the archive secured with a password and forgot, here are some of the best RAR password unlocker software that can help.

RAR Password Decoder

RAR Password Decoder is an RAR password unlocker software that is detailed and one of the surest way to recover your archive’s forgotten password. The software deploys brute force as well as a dictionary to attempt to recover the appropriate password. The software supports pause and resume as well as the ability to set prefixes or suffixes.

Password Unlocker

Password Unlocker offers an efficient and reliable to recover your archive’s passwords in the event if you forget them. It supports all RAR files created by any tools, and it recovers RAR password faster with SSE, etc;. It comes with three efficient password attack options available to ensure you gain back access to your archive.

Recover WinRAR/RAR Password

iSumsoft RAR Password Refixer is a software that ensures of professionalism when it comes to the recovery of passwords to RAR archives. The software comes at a premium and offers a free trial. It presents four attack methods and thus high chances of success even with complex passwords.

Stellar Phoenix Archive Password Recovery

Rar File Unlocker For Android

Rar file unlocker online

Stellar Phoenix Archive Password Recovery is a powerful premium RAR password unlock software that works with both WinRAR and WinZip archives. The software is fast and features a passwords dictionary of the previously recovered passwords. To further increase the speed of recovery, the software offers an option for setting the password range.

Rar File Unlocker software, free download

Other Platform

In the majority of the cases, the RAR compression is used on the Windows platform though this is not the explicit case. However, due to the fact that it is the most widely used platform in computing, the files are used also on other platform and consequently recovery tools.

Unlock Password-Protected Archives for Windows

Unlock Password-Protected Archives is a professional software that will ensure you back access to your archives through password generation. This software comes with two premium options and features. Some of the best abilities for the sake of your convenience including guaranteed cracking. The software also has universal compatibility.

ArchiDroid for Android

ArchiDroid is an Android App that is used for the purposes of management archives. Essentially, the software is not an RAR password unlocker software per say though it is capable of opening an archive once presented with the correct password. It can also pack files into encrypted or simple archives.

Most Popular Software – cRARk

cRARk is a command line based software for password recovery and thus a reserve for the professionals those who determined to learn as it lacks a GUI. However, this is the most comprehensive tool and your greatest chance to recover your password. The software is free and supports all versions of RAR.

Rar File Unlocker For Pc

What is an RAR Password Unlocker Software?

An RAR password unlocker software allows users of archived whom might have forgotten their passwords to gain access back to their files. There are several techniques used to make this possible and among them is a brute force where a series of passwords is generated until a match of what is in the hatch is found. You may also see RAR File Repair Tools

Also sniffing and use of a dictionary is also applied. With the majority of the tool, to increase the chances of retrieving complex passwords, you will need to have hints. This could be the number of characters or even prefix or suffix to the password.

Rar File Unlocker Torrent

Rar code unlocker

It is very devastating to be locked out of your own content. This is similar to locking yourself out of your vehicle or home. However, with clues on what your password was, you can be able to effectively regain access to your content with the use of the above RAR password unlocker software.

Online Rar File Password Unlocker

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