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Need a Film for your indoor or outdoor movie event? Reach out for recommendations.

Another Halloween/Fall option is Dreaded Drive-in Movie Licensing!

Producers & Independent Filmmakers have curated a film anthology to create 2021's newest Cult Classic! 'The Dreaded Drive-In' a.k.a. the Haunted Drive In.

  • Film License for the 'Dreaded Drive-In' Movie Series - offered by FunFlicks®
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As you plan your outdoor movie extravaganza, it's important to stay compliant with all movie copyright laws. Whenever you show a movie outside your home, it must be properly licensed. So, whether you're screening a family-friendly film at a local park or planning a holiday movie viewing at your business, you'll need movie licensing.

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Before you start to sweat, let us put your mind at ease. We work with the two top film licensing agencies for film studios — Criterion Pictures and Swank Motion Pictures are the leading film licensing agencies in the industry and represent all the major film studios.

Film Licensing FAQ

How to Get a Movie License

Whether you're planning a groovy drive-in movie experience or a summer film fest, you'll need a movie license. The two primary film licensing companies do not represent the same studios. You can search their websites to find out which titles they carry. However, some popular movies are not available for screenings.

While FunFlicks® is here to answer any questions you may have and help streamline the process, you must contact these companies directly to secure the rights to show your desired film. The customer service reps are very helpful and make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Do I Need a Movie License?

If you're planning to show a movie at a public venue or anywhere outside your home, yes, you need a license. Motion picture companies are serious about copyright laws and aren't afraid to go to court when their rights are violated. It's best to avoid unwanted publicity and hefty fines by getting your movie license upfront.

Plus, licensing means your money goes to the writers, musicians, computer programmers, producers and all those people who worked hard to create the movies you love.

What if I'm Not Charging Admission?

You still need a license for any public performances, whether you're selling tickets or your event is free and open to the public.

What if I Own the Movie or It's on My Streaming Service?

You still need a movie license. Owning, renting or streaming a movie doesn't give you the right to show it publicly outside your home.

What Is the Cost of a Movie License?

Licensing costs can fluctuate, even on a weekly basis. The best way to find out how much a movie license costs is to contact one of the licensing companies directly for a firm quote.

Who Do I Pay for a Movie License?

FunFlicks® does not collect any licensing fees. Your contract will be with the licensing company and your fees will go directly to them. If you need more info about setting up an account or the licensing process, we would be happy to steer you in the right direction.

Can I Charge Admission to My Movie Screening?

In some cases, you can charge admission. However, this could change the cost of your license or the licensing company could ask for a percentage of your ticket sales. Contact the film licensing reps directly to find out more.

What Movies Are Available?

Almost any movie! If the film you want has been released on DVD, chances are you can screen it. Both Criterion and Swank have a list of movie selections to choose from on their websites. You can also contact a licensing rep if you don't see the film you want.

Bring the Joy of Outdoor Cinema to Your Next Event

Whether you're planning some R&R at your corporate shindig or you need a great idea for your upcoming community get-together, you can never go wrong with a night at the movies!

When you work with FunFlicks®, you get it all — a super-sized inflatable screen, state-of-the-art movie theater equipment and a friendly host to help with every aspect of your movie-watching experience, plus the joy of bringing a great flick to your friends, co-workers or community.

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Nowadays, video tutorials in all walks of life are too familiar to us on the Internet, which is becoming an increasingly popular way to share information. By recording computer screens, whether it's to create a training course for work or class, or it's to record a YouTube live streaming video, you're unlikely to get it done so smoothly without a high-quality screen and audio recorder. Whereas to produce the final complete video effect, you'll need some more capable free video recording software.

In this article, we list the 15 best screen recorders with the ability to record screen with audio simultaneously. These recommended screen recorders with sound are divided into 3 categories: Windows, Mac and online. Read on to find the one that fits your needs.

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Part 1. Best Screen and Audio Recorders for Windows

Windows OS has attracted numerous users around the world. The demand to record screen and audio on Windows computer also surges as well. This part will cover the 6 best screen and audio recorders with different features for Windows users.

Top 1. EaseUS RecExperts

Applies to Windows 10/8/7

EaseUS RecExperts is one of the best screen and audio recorder software on the market. With the best free screen recorder, you can use one-click to start your unlimited recordings! It's thus far the most straightforward yet powerful recording software that perfectly captures your computer screen, webcam, and facecam activities, and allows you to narrate through a microphone as well. You just need to click some button that you can easy to use. As the most popular screen recorder, EaseUS RecExperts has attracted plenty of attention when it launches this year. there is no doubt, this software is the best powerful software that you do not miss it!

If you are interested in this software, you can click the following link to download it and have a try.


  • Provide real-time video ability
  • Support editing your watermarks
  • Can record from webcams
  • Support real-time editing on the video while recording


  • Few video editing features

How to record screen with sound using EaseUS RecExperts:

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Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts. You can choose one of the four main functions on the main screen. Here you need to click 'Record Screen'.

Step 2. Click 'Custom' to select a screen area to record. You may choose 'Full Screen', 'Selected Region', 'Fixed Region', 'Locked Window' or to customize window size here. If you want to record the screen and webcam at the same time, make sure you connected a webcam to your computer.

Step 3. Click 'Microphone', and you may choose to record system sound only, record microphone only, record both, or record without audio.

Step 4. Click 'REC' to start recording. After recording completed, the videos will be shown on the 'Video List'.

Step 5. Right-click the video recorded, you may preview, compress, edit, share the video, and do more.

Top 2. Bandicam

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Applies to Windows

The other best screen recorder with audio which allows users to record computer screen, system sound and microphone is called Bandicam. It's a Windows-based program but also supports the Linux operating system. My experience with Bandicam is that I can take screenshots, record screen, and record voice with no lag at all. Whenever you want to record lectures, webinars, games, and Skype calls, try Bandicam. It also lets you add narration from your microphone and video from your webcam.


  • Capture 4K Ultra HD videos up to 3840x2160
  • Record over 24 hours without stopping
  • Upload a captured video to YouTube
  • Record an area or full screen as you want


  • The free version leaves a watermark on your video recording
  • Lacks of built-in video editing functions

Top 3. CamStudio

Applies to Windows 7/XP/Vista

CamStudio is a desktop recorder streaming video software that is totally free to download and use. CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your Windows computer. In addition, this software allows you to add high-quality, anti-aliased screen captions to your recordings in seconds.


  • Create high-quality video
  • Record from microphone or speaker
  • Support to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly start, pause and stop recording
  • Schedule recording to stop recording


  • Not user-friendly and complex
  • Outdated interface

Top 4. ShareX

Applies to Windows 10/8.1/7

ShareX is a popular free screen and audio recorder with multiple screen recording features. It can be used to record screen, share the screen with others. The screen recording software allows you to add image effects and watermarks to your recordings and supports hotkeys to get things done quickly. After recording, you are allowed to share your video or audio as a URL.


  • Drag and drop upload
  • Customizable workflows
  • Upload to multiple destinations
  • Screen, Webcam, and game recording
  • Lightweight software


  • High learning curve
  • A bit confused for beginners

Top 5. Flashback Express

Applies to Windows

Flashback Express is a fast screen and audio recorder that is embedded with video editing features. This software can capture your desktop, websites, video calls – anything on your PC screen with sound. It supports to add captions and arrows to highlight important parts. And after recording, you can export your video in multiple formats or upload it to your YouTube.


  • Record your screen, webcam and sounds
  • Trim and make clips after recording
  • Enhance recordings with captions, arrows, images
  • Add music to your recording​


  • Limited export files formats

Top 6. Screencast-O-Matic

Applies to Windows/Mac

Screencast-O-Matic aims to simplify the video recording and editing to the largest extent. Eroge download android download. At Screencast-O-Matic, you will be impressed by how it is simple and intuitive. With this screen and audio recorder, you can capture any area of your computer screen and record narration from your microphone and video from your webcam.


  • Record screen and webcam simultaneously
  • Edit and annotate screen captures and video captures
  • Available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chromebook


  • Video recording and video editing are two separate products

Part 2. Best Screen Recorders with Audio for Mac

Mac users may want to record their moments on the macOS computers as well. Therefore, we list 5 best tools to capture screen and sound on Mac with its pros and cons as followed.

Top 1. Snagit

Applies to Windows/Mac

Snagit developed by TechSmith is trustworthy in the first place. This screen and audio capture software promises to let you quickly capture a process, add your explanation, and create visual instructions in a simple and powerful way. With Snagit, your headache won't last because it allows you to record a video with audio, sound, and your voice, by which you can present people's visual instructions rather than pastime wordy emails and documentation!


  • Easy-to-use yet professional video and audio recording software
  • Windows 10/8/7 and macOS Catalina/Mojave/High Sierra compatible
  • Instantly share your images and videos to many platforms
  • It has a free trial version


  • Price starts from $49.95
  • Absence of secure FTP connection
  • No option to export files from WMV and AVI format

TOP 2. OBS Studio

Applies to Windows/Mac/Linux

OBS Studio is a popular free and open source screen recorder and live streaming software for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Open source means that the OBS project is maintained and devoted by generous contributors from its sponsors and backers. As is popular till now, OBS Studio is regularly optimized in order to give the best video and audio recording experience for its faithful users. So, if you prefer free software to record screen as well as the sound, OBS is another pleasant choice.


  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Not the most user-friendly here, but kind of easy-to-use for beginners
  • Support HD streaming and capturing
  • Exported videos are free from watermarks


  • Setting up takes more time than usual

Top 3. Screenflick


Applies to Mac

Screenflick is a macOS application that focuses on screen recording. It provides a high-quality screen and audio capture. The user interface is so intuitive and helps you to quickly start recording screen and audio. This software enables you to record video, audio, keystrokes, and mouse clicks. So you do not need to record screen and audio respectively.


  • Record whole screen, a section, or a specific window
  • Record system audio, your Mac's microphone, or external mic
  • Record a webcam at the same time to overlay on the video
  • Create time-lapse screen recordings of long projects
  • Automatically stop recording with a timer


  • Can not add annotations on your recordings
  • Timeline is not allowed editing

Top 4. QuickTime

Applies to Mac

QuickTime is a cross-platform media player with screen and sound recording features. This multi-functional tool allows you to capture the whole screen or a selected window on your Mac screen. Before recording screen and audio with this software, you need to install Soundflower on your computer, as Mac does not allow you to capture the internal audio.


  • Record videos in full screen
  • Multiple cross-platform features and functions
  • Save videos from the web
  • A small and attractive interface


  • Limited recording and editing features
  • Can support MOV file format only
  • Do not support system audio recording

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Top 5. Snapz Pro X

Snapz Pro X is an easy-to-use screen and sound recorder that can be operated on many devices. More than a simple screenshot utility, Snapz Pro X for Mac enables you to capture anything that appears on your screen either a movie or its voiceover. Snapz Pro X for Mac can capture full-screen or a smaller portion and you can make product demos, tutorial videos, and other movie-based narratives with this tool.


  • Support following the cursor or panning smoothly to new locations
  • Has many versions that are compatible with Windows/Mac/iOS/Android
  • Record living gameplay
  • Support to customize the recording, like changing colors and adding watermarks


  • Sometimes it will crash when recording
  • Recordings are saved as MOV only

Part 3. Best Online Screen and Audio Recorders

Many of you desire online tools to assist in capturing screen and voice on your computer since downloading software occupies the extra storage of your computer. In this part, we will introduce the top 4 online screen recorder for you to make capturing screen and audio an easy and quick task.

Top 1. Free Screen Recorder Online

The first recommended online tool is named Free Screen Recorder Online. This program is launched by AceThinker. As its name says, you can record screen and audio for free and without any third-party applications. As well as this, you can record video and audio via your webcam. Furthermore, you can capture the system sounds, configure the audio input options to use the audio from the system or via an external microphone.


  • Faster recording and exporting speed
  • Supports various file formats
  • Very easy and free to use


  • No advanced video editing feature

Top 2. Loom

If you are looking for a user-friendly online screen and audio recorder, Loom is a good choice. This software is very easy to use and free for users. With this software, you can record your screen and audio with high-quality, record webcam and system audio with ease.


  • Easy and clear interface
  • Editing of your recordings
  • Specify a custom size for recording
  • Emphasize the mouse movement


  • Can not blur information in your recordings

Top 3. Screencastify

Screencastify serves as an online screen recording software that helps you to screen record in an instant. All you need to do is get this tool added to your browser as an extension, click on an option, and your screen starts to get recorded. In addition, this tool supports many emphasizing functions like mouse spotlight and click highlighting. You can easily record your webcam, desktop and browse with microphones.


  • Very simple and powerful screen and audio recorder
  • Embed your webcam anywhere in your recording
  • Record offline
  • Share your recordings in a flash


  • The editing features are not that great

Top 4. Bewisse Screen Recorder

Bewisse Screen Recorder is an online tool that helps you capture your computer screen and microphone in a few clickings. This tool is based on a simple approach to make it easier for you to record your screens. When you save your recordings, there is no annoying watermark. And after recording, you can upload it to Google Drive and share your videos with your friends.


  • Record your screen and audio simply
  • No watermark to your recordings
  • Directly upload files to your cloud storage
  • No artificial time limit


  • Limited editing features to enhance your recordings

To Sum Up

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Regarding the topic 'video and audio recorder', we come up with the best 15 recommendations that apply to Windows, Mac and online. In conclusion, based on an overall rating in an aspect of user-friendliness, screen and audio recording abilities, video editing features, and sharing options, you can select the one that suits your demand most. Here we highly recommend EaseUS RecExperts since it is an easy to use and full-featured screen recorder that can meet all your needs while recording!

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FAQs about Recording Screen with Audio

Most people feel dizzy and confused about some questions when recording screen and audio. Here we list some of these questions and their relevant answers.

1. Can you screen record with sound?

Yes, you can. If you want to record a screen with sound, you can choose one of the screen recorders we mentioned above in accordance with your actual demand. For example, if you are going to recording screen and sound on a Windows computer, you can choose EaseUS RecExperts to help you deal with it.

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2. What is the best free screen capture software?

  • Top 1. EaseUS RecExperts
  • Top 2. OBS Studio
  • Top 3. Screencast-O-Matic
  • Top 4. Apowersoft Unlimited
  • Top 5. AceThinker
  • Top 6. ScreenFlow
  • Top 7. Camtasia

3. How do I record my screen with Windows 10 with sound?

To quickly and easily record screen and sound on Windows 10, you can use Xbox Game Bar.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Press Windows+G to launch Xbox Game Bar.

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Step 2. Agree 'Yes, this is a game.' to open Game Bar.

Step 3. Click Windows+Alt+R to start and stop recording.