Sipura 3000 Firmware

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How to Connect the Device?

Sipura phone adapter has one RJ-45 connector, two RJ-11 connectors and a power-supply jack. Connect the RJ-45 input to the network you are using. The first RJ-11 input labelled ‘Phone’ has to be connected to a regular PSTN phone and the second RJ-11 input labelled ‘Line’ is to be connected to a regular PSTN phone line (if you do not plan to use regular phone line you can escape this step). The power-supply jack has to be connected to the electrical network. If everything is properly connected, the green light must be blinking.

Configuration of the VoIP

The basic network settings have to be done via the phone. For other adjustments, you can use the Sipura adapter web interface.

To enter the Sipura Configuration Menu you have to press the Star button four times (* * * *).

Dial Action

Searching around the site for the firmware is hard but I eventually found the one for the SPA3102 but could not find the firmware for the SPA3000. Would it be possible to update the page the website redirects to so that it is a little more relevant/helpful? Where is the SPA3000 firmware? Thank you for your time:) Matthew. At this stage, you can choose whether to upgrade the firmware. The latest version of the SPA-3000 firmware at the time of writing this document is 3.1.10. To upgrade the firmware see Appendix D. Sipura SPA-2000 Installation Guide Page 5 Provisioning Tab – Upgrade Enable Field Set to Yes 3.1.2 Performing the Upgrade To upgrade the SPA-2000: 1. Download the firmware 2.0.13g from the Sipura support site ( or from your reseller to your PC. The Zip file has exe and bin files. The bin file is the firmware.

        • Enter Menu

Explanation: when you hear ‘Sipura configuration menu’ press option followed by the pound key or hang up.

100# Check DHCP

Explanation: you will hear whether your DHCP is enabled or disabled.

101# Set DHCP -> to disable press ‘0’ and to enable press ‘1’

Explanation: press option followed by the pound key.

110# Check IP address

Explanation: press option followed by the pound key.

111# Set IP address -> enter the IP address using phone’s keypad numbers and * (star) for decimal point.

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Sipura 3000 firmware manual

Explanation: enter the IP address followed by #. If DHCP is disabled you will hear ‘Invalid Option’.

120# Check Network Mask

Explanation: press option followed by the pound key.

121# Set Network Mask -> enter network mask using phone’s keypad numbers and * (star) for decimal point.

Enter network mask followed by #. If DHCP is disabled you will hear ‘Invalid Option’

130# Check Gateway

Explanation: Enter option followed by pound key

131# Set Gateway -> enter the gateway address using phone’s keypad numbers and * (star) for decimal point.

Explanation: Enter the gateway address followed by #. If DHCP is disabled you will hear ‘Invalid Option’

If you have DHCP you can just check the Sipura’s IP address from the Configuration Menu with 110#. When you have the IP address you can make all further adjustments from the web interface. The URL will be http://IP_address/

Sipura 3000 Firmware Online

Adjustments for the VoIP

You can login to the web interface as a user or as an administrator. Both privileges have basic and advanced settings and you can also set password for each of them. However for basic purposes it will be sufficient to configure the basic settings, by logging in as administrator. The screenshot given below depicts how the web interface looks like:

In the default tab – Info, you will your system information (DHCP settings, IP address, primary and secondary DNS address, Gateway, Network mask and host name), product information (product name and serial number, firmware and hardware version, MAC address), system status (current time, broadcast packages and bytes – send, received and dropped, RTP packages and bytes – send, received and dropped, SIP messages and bytes – send and received) and line status and PSTN line status. When you open the site for the first time you will have to properly configure the setting. In order to start configuring the settings move to the next tab named ‘System’. Please refer the following screenshot.

Example DNSs being used

In this tab, you can adjust your network and internet settings. You can enable web server and set a password for the user account. According to the internet connection type you can choose between enabled and disabled DHCP. As it is preferable in most cases to set a static IP address, you can set the DHCP to ‘No’. Then set the IP address.

Sipura 3000 firmware manual

Example: IP address with proper network mask and gateway

For the optional network settings you can just set a host name, domain if you are in domain and DNS. In this scenario we have set Sipura for the hostname and DNS as

Note: When you submit the changes you made note that if you had changed the IP address for the Sipura, the URL will also change. However it will remain http://IP_Address/

No changes are required in the Next tab - SIP settings. Nevertheless, if desired you can make the changes even though the default setting are fine.

Sipura 3000 Firmware

Tab - ‘Regional’ is for setting regional date and time.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the correct date and time in the required format have been set and the time zone has been adjusted.

In the Line 1 tab, you can set a user who is registered in Asterisk and who can use the phone. Given below is a screenshot of the tab:

The most important step, in order to register the user, is to enable the line by selecting Yes in the Line Enable drop down. Leave the SIP Port as set by default to 5060. In Proxy and Registration set the proxy to your SIP server which is and choose ‘yes’ in the Register drop down. In the Subscriber Information section, register the user you have in Asterisk.

Sipura 3000 Firmware Software

For Advance configurations, you may use the following to access the configuration: - /etc/asterisk/sip.conf


Sipura 3000 Firmware Manager

Note: It is important to reload asterisk every time you change a setting in order to update the change.

Furthermore, in Line 1 tab you can choose audio codec:

  • The default codec works fine in general - G.711uLaw
  • For ADSL2 users you may use G.711u and this depends on the bandwidth you are using.
  • For ADSL1 users the recommended codec is G.729

You now have the phone successfully configured for VoIP calls.

Sipura Spa-3000 Firmware

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