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Boku no Hero Academia: Tales of Heroism

Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction story of Boku no Hero Academia. I own nothing of the series other than the idea I have been thinking about for weeks.

Tale 4.1: Metamorphic Hero Izuku

These are just some fun little semi-interactive bits the programmers of Splatterhouse 3 threw into the game. Have you found them all yet? First up is the painting. Here is the location, marked on the map by the Mask: As you enter, you see the painting: But just move towards it,. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Doubly surprising is “Splatterhouse’s” story, which begins ambiguously but makes a gradual, continual transformation into something surprisingly artful. The story of Rick, his talking mask his girlfriend and the maniacal Dr. West doesn’t quite add up logically, and the mask has more than a few annoying things to say while harassing Rick. Richard 'Rick' Taylor is the main protagonist of the Splatterhouse series. When he wears the Terror Mask, he transforms into a hulking version of himself. Splatterhouse (1988). Splatterhouse Part 2 Year: Three months after Splatterhouse; 1988 or possibly 1989 (remember, we're riding with the notion that the first game would take place at the year it was released in). The plot: we're all aware of what it says in Part 2, in contrast to the Western releases.

'Men are not created equal. That is the tragic truth of the world, especially in a world where superhuman abilities known as quirks exist.'

A boy with green hair, green eyes and freckles on his youthful face named Midoriya Izuku wandered about aimlessly in Musutafu, Japan with a depressed expression on his face. He was carrying his schoolbag on his back while he held a partially-burnt notebook in his hands.

Being one of the few unlucky people to be born without a quirk, Izuku had been bullied by his peers since the age of four. The fact that he wanted to be a hero just like his idol, All Might, in spite of lacking a quirk only made the bullying worse as his former childhood friend, a blond boy with sharp red eyes named Bakugou Katsuki, became his chief tormentor for most of his life. In fact, earlier that day, Katsuki 'suggested' a way for Izuku to get a quirk of his own by 'taking a swan dive off a building and hope for a quirk in his next life'.

'In a world where quirks exists, there are two types of people. Heroes who use their quirks to uphold justice and protect the innocent and villains who abuse their quirks for selfish gain or to hurt others instead.'

While the bullying was certainly horrible, it was not enough to break Izuku's heart completely. No, it was meeting his idol, All Might himself, which finally broke what was left of his already-beaten-down heart. Much like everyone else in Izuku's life, All Might felt that the boy should not be a hero. Granted, All Might told Izuku to give up his dream of becoming a hero not because he felt Izuku was a weakling underserving of recognition or sympathy but because he believed that Izuku should not put himself in harm's way due to lacking a quirk which would allow him to defend himself from villains. He even suggested an alternative path for Izuku to take to help people, something that none of the bullies who had tormented him or even his apathetic teachers in school had ever bothered to do. There was also the fact that All Might, the current number one hero and symbol of peace, actually had a grievous injury due to fighting against a terrible villain who took out one of his lungs and his stomach thus causing his body to gradually waste away until his true form was that of a skeletal blond man with sunken blue eyes who often bled from the mouth. Faced with the harsh reality of heroes getting hurt and that not even the greatest hero of the current age believed that he had what it took to be a hero, the admittedly meek boy felt lost as he wondered what he should do with his life.

In a different universe, Izuku would eventually prove his worth as a hero to All Might. However, that did not happen in this universe. Instead, Izuku continued to wander aimlessly in Musutafu until he eventually reached Dagobah Municipal Beach Park. The beach used to be a popular beach until thrash started collecting onto the beach and people started to leave their own thrash there until it ultimately became a junkyard. Looking at the junkyard, Izuku laughed a sorrowfully hollow laugh as he though, 'A junkyard of unwanted things, just the place for me to end up in.'

Tears welled up in Izuku's eyes as he recalled all of his memories from his happy early childhood to the crushing revelation that he was born quirkless and all of the suffering he had endured because of it ever since. Falling onto his knees, Izuku cried and laughed at the same time as he was forced to finally accept one tragic fact. No matter how much he hoped for it to be true and how desperately he clung onto it, his dream of becoming a hero who can bring hope to others with just a smile would never become a reality.

Suddenly feeling an instinctive desire to hide away from the rest of the world, Izuku discarded his school bag and partially-burnt notebook. He then crawled into a huge pile of junk, seeking to reach its depths to 'disappear'. Being small for his age, Izuku had little trouble finding a place where he could simply lie down and rest to forget his terrible joke of a life.

As emotionally hurt and depressed as he was, Izuku failed to notice his body secreting a blood-red fluid which soon enveloped his entire body. His last thought before his mind drifted into unconsciousness was, 'I guess I'm just not cut out to be a hero, or anyone worth caring for that matter…'

'However, this begs the question on who has the right or authority to decide that a person is a hero to be admired or a villain to be reviled. While personal opinions can be biased even in the best of times, society as a whole is anything but free of bias or prejudice.'

--The next day…--

SplatterhouseSplatterhouse Transformation

Bakugou Katsuki wore a shocked expression as a detective named Tsukauchi Naomasa came into his class to declare that Midoriya Izuku was missing. Not only that, a police investigation would take place at the middle school to find any clues that would help them to find Izuku. Annoyed by the fact that he would have to put up with a police investigation to find a quirkless loser such as Izuku of all people, Katsuki knew that his day was going to suck.

Just as Naomasa was about to start interviewing Katsuki and his classmates, he suddenly received as call and replied, 'Hello, this is Detective Tsukauchi.' His expression became one of shock as he spoke aloud, 'Wait, what do you mean by, 'what he had left behind'?' A minute of silence later, Naomasa nodded in understanding and said, 'Alright, send me pictures of the scene and let me know if you find any trails leaving it.'

As annoyed as Katsuki was, he knew better than to voice his displeasure or to tell the detective to hurry up with the pointless interviews. What he did not expect as Naomasa looking at him and his classmates with a grim expression as he asked, 'How many of you here know the process of metamorphosis?'

Surprised, many of the students looked at one another with uncertain expressions on their faces before one student tentatively asked, 'You mean like how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly?'

Nodding in affirmative, Naomasa said, 'It seems that my colleagues had found Midoriya Izuku or, rather, the chrysalis he had left behind under one of the piles of junk at Dagobah Municipal Beach Park.'

Since everyone in the entire middle school knew that Izuku was quirkless, it was unsurprisingly shocking for them to realise that Izuku created a chrysalis which implied that he actually had a quirk. Much more infuriated by the mere fact that Izuku had a quirk than he should have been, Katsuki stood up and yelled, 'That's bullshit! There's no way that quirkless loser would have a quirk!'

Making a mental note to thoroughly interrogate the 'explosive' teen boy for answers, Naomasa simply asked, 'Have any of you ever heard the term, 'functionally quirkless'?'

Not expecting the man's response, Katsuki faltered before he replied, 'Yeah, it means a person has a quirk but it's too weak or useless to be useful for anything.'

Naomasa's eyes narrowed in response to hearing Katsuki's answer as he spoke, 'Not quite. A person can have a very powerful quirk but if the quirk requires a condition to be of any use, he would be basically quirkless unless that condition is fulfilled. For example, a person who has a quirk that allows him to copy the quirks of other people would be basically quirkless unless he copies a quirk, correct? That is not even counting the fact that quirks can be lost due to crippling injuries such as losing a limb.'

As aggressive, cruel and hot-headed as Katsuki was, he was smart enough to realise that Naomasa was not pleased by his choice of words in his answer. As such, he chose to keep quiet about Naomasa's obvious rhetorical question and sit down.

Seeing that Katsuki had settled down somewhat, Naomasa continued to explain, 'The same thing can be said about Midoriya Izuku who, as I am sure you all know, is officially registered as quirkless and even has the toe-joint scan to prove it. However, if recent revelations if anything to go by, it may be that Izuku actually has a quirk but his quirk could only physically manifest at a certain age which is much later than the typical age of four to five years old.'

One student raised his hand and asked, 'How can you be sure that the chrysalis was made by Izuku? For all we know, it could have been someone else who made it.'

'A good point, if it wasn't for the fact that Hound Dog had already smelled the chrysalis and verified that it had Midoriya Izuku's scent all over it, including the inside. There is also the fact that the police had found his bag and a partially-burnt notebook which had his name on it outside the piles of junk.'

Those who knew the hero, Hound Dog, knew that he had a heightened sense of smell due to his quirk,[Dog]. Therefore, almost all of them had no reason to further question Naomasa's statement that Izuku had somehow underwent a metamorphosis not unlike a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The one exception was Katsuki who stilled refused to believe that Izuku actually had a quirk even if it was an unusual one which only visibly manifested at the age of fourteen.

As Katsuki swore to find Izuku and 'put him in his place', he failed to realise that Naomasa, whose quirk was[Human Lie Detector], was going to force him into admitting the truth of just how badly he had bullied Izuku.

--Later that night…--

A young woman was cornered by a trio of villains who wanted to rob, violate and kill her, and not necessarily in that order either. Her eyes were wide in fear as she begged, 'P-please, just let me go!'

Sneering at the frightened woman, one of the three villains who had blades in place of fingernails and a bald head mockingly said, 'And deprive ourselves of some fun? I don't think so!'

Another villain who had tentacles growing from his stomach added, 'And who knows, you might just enjoy it yourself!'

The third villain who had an unnaturally wide and demented grin, pale skin and black hair was about to make his own statement when he suddenly felt cold and asked, 'Hey, is it just me or is it getting colder in here?'

Having felt the sudden chill as well, the other two villains and even their victim paused for a moment when they all heard a soft sound. They soon realised it was the sound of heavy footsteps as a mysterious grey fog started to envelop them.

The three villains quickly lost their cocky confidence as the fog grew thicker and the sound of footsteps drew closer. Hiding their growing fear behind vicious bluster, the villain with blades in place of fingernails shouted, 'S-show yourself!'

Suddenly, a large muscular arm appeared from the fog and grabbed the villain with tentacles on his stomach by his tentacles. The villain barely had time to yell in surprise and panic before he was quickly dragged into the fog. A moment later, his bloodcurdling screams could be heard over the sounds of tearing flesh. The two remaining villains could have sworn they saw the shadowed image of a huge man with a physical build not unlike that of All Might and glowing blood-red eyes literally tearing the tentacles, and possibly even guts, off their companion's stomach.

Consumed with fear, the two villains were about the escape when the assailant turned his attention towards them, his blood-red eyes glowing like a flame which left crimson wisps in its wake. Letting go of the mutilated villain, he started to move towards them with slow menacing steps.

Suddenly remembering the woman they were about to violate, the villain with blades for fingernails quickly seized the woman who was too terrified to move and shouted, 'Take another fucking step and I'll slit her throat!' Placing the blades on the fingers of his right arm on her neck for emphasis, the villain continue to threaten the red-eyed assailant, 'Now, back the fuck away!'

After a tense moment of silence, the assailant slowly backed away into the fog from which he came from. Seeing the huge man disappear into the fog, the villain with blades for fingernails almost felt relieved when a familiar-looking muscular arm suddenly appeared from behind him and grabbed his right arm with lightning-fast speed. Shocked, the villain was unable to do anything as the arm suddenly yanked his hand away from the woman's neck and broke it.

Howling in pain, the villain was quickly dragged into the fog by his assailant and soon started screaming as the assailant, who was apparently the same man who tore the other villain's tentacles off, broke his other hand and then started to brutally tear off the fingernail-like blades on his fingers with almost clinical meticulousness.

Too terrified to even flee, the remaining villain and the woman dared not move as the assailant tore off each fingernail-like blade. By the time the assailant was done, the third villain was on his backside and wetted his pants in pure primal fear of what kind of torment he would do to him. Tears streamed down the third villain's face as the assailant finally stepped out of the fog, showing a huge muscular man with a bone-white mask seemingly fused to his face, short green hair and wearing only a large pair of tattered blue jeans, a black leather belt and a large pair of brown leather boots. The mask hid the man's face, showing only his sunken eyes and a pair of oval fleshy vents in place of cheeks which was producing fog which each exhalation.

The villain tried to point his box cutter knife at the masked man in a feeble attempt to fight him off but his sweaty trembling fingers made him lose grip of the knife. Backing away from the man who seemed to be taking his time to approach him, the villain finally asked, 'W-who or what the hell are you?'

Pausing a moment to ponder over the question, the masked man then answered with a deep voice, 'I… do not… remember. I… remember… that I… am no hero. That I… am unwanted.' The assailant's eyes narrowed as he added, 'I… also remember… that I … want to stop… people like you… from hurting… anyone… ever again.'

Hearing the masked man's reply, the villain lost all hope of escape or mercy as the he grabbed him by the head and ominously asked, 'So, what is… your quirk?'

--The next day…--

Detective Naomasa was rubbing his forehead in frustration as he thought over what he had found out over the previous day and earlier in the morning. He knew that being quirkless would make one a victim of bullying but the sheer amount of bullying that Midoriya Izuku had suffered by the hands of his own former childhood friend, Bakugou Katsuki, and the downright ridiculous reasoning which Katsuki used to justify his actions were simply atrocious. The fact that Katsuki wanted to be a hero in spite of being simply remorseless over his past misdeeds towards Izuku made Naomasa wonder if the blond bully even knew what being a hero really meant. He therefore felt justified in making sure that Katsuki's misdeeds were clearly printed out on his student record and sending a report of what Katsuki had done to Izuku to the principal of U.A. High School, Nedzu. If Katsuki did not care about how much Izuku had suffered because of him, then the blond boy had no right for sympathy or care if the truth of his misdeeds end up ruining his own future.

Naomasa looked heavenward and sighed as the revelation of Izuku's difficult childhood also meant that All Might's admittedly harsh but ultimately well-meaning rejection of the boy's hopes and dreams were even harsher towards the boy than initially thought, a fact which All Might felt extremely guilty about. It was honestly a small miracle that Izuku's own mother, a short and overweight woman named Midoriya Inko, was even willing to forgive All Might and simply wanted him to bring her missing son back.

Speaking about Izuku, he had just received word that a trio of infamous serial rapists and murderers were found horribly mutilated by a mysterious assailant. From what the traumatised but otherwise unharmed woman had told the police, the mysterious assailant was a huge man with a mask seemingly fused to his face, blood-red eyes that glowed like hellfire and, of all things, short green hair which somehow had the same shade of green as Izuku's own hair. Even worse, the woman's claims implied that the masked man was suffering from an amnesia of some sort as he claimed to not remember anything other than the fact that he was not a hero, was not wanted by others and had a desire to stop villains from hurting others which apparently meant trying to make them functionally quirkless via extreme physical mutilation. Considering that the masked man made his appearance on the very same day the police and heroes discovered the empty cocoon which had Izuku's scent all over it, never mind the downright obvious possibility of acquiring amnesia through suppressing painful memories, the possible connection was as clear as day.

Knowing that he would have to tell All Might and Inko about the possible connection between the mysterious new vigilante and Izuku, Naomasa swore, 'I don't have enough coffee, or alcohol, for this shit…' Razer deathadder 2013 driver downloads.

--Two months later…--

News of the infamous[Quirk Ripper] quickly spread across Japan as various villains throughout the city of Musutafu were attacked by the brutal vigilante who was later relabelled to a villain. Not even civilians and heroes were entirely safe from him as he had been known to attack abusive parents, scare bullies to the point that they wetted or soiled themselves and even punched Endeavour, the number two hero, in the face. Most of his luckier victims ended up badly bruised or had their bones broken by his brutal fighting methods while the really unlucky ones had their limbs torn off to be crushed into bloody paste. Although the Quirk Ripper did not kill his victims, many agreed that killing them would be downright merciful compared to letting them live with their bodies mutilated to the point that they could no longer use their quirks or even live independently.

The latest incident involved the Quirk Ripper attacking the leader of the Shie Hassaikai yakuza group, Chisaki Kai, who was also known as Overhaul. Long story short, Kai was chasing after his escaped ward, Eri, when the Quirk Ripper suddenly appeared in a cold fog and basically tore off his arms after carefully studying his dangerous quirk which allowed him to deconstruct and reconstruct everything that he touched with his hands. To add insult to injury, the Quirk Ripper took Eri away thus depriving him of her flesh and blood which his group needed to create quirk-suppressing bullets as her quirk,[Rewind], allowed her to rewind an individual person's body to its previous state including the state of being quirkless or even to the state of not existing.

Naomasa, who had been investigating the Quirk Ripper case the whole time, sighed as he took another sip of coffee to calm his nerves. In spite of the police force and heroes working together to capture the Quirk Ripper, all of their efforts so far had failed. From what little information they could verify, the Quirk Ripper only acted at night, possessed a powerful body which was simply superhuman in strength, speed and toughness, had been carrying various weapons which would not look out of place in a horror film and could create a cold fog which concealed his physical presence and even allowed him to teleport to anywhere where the fog was present. The various incidents of the Quirk Ripper somehow entering locked buildings without breaking anything to steal a week's worth of necessities every few days supported the idea that he could teleport to wherever his fog was present including fog that had seeped into a building through gaps in the doors or windows. There was also the fact that the brutal amnesiac villain was both observant and intelligent as he had been known to study the quirks of his victims before mutilating them to render them quirkless or at least cripple them in a disturbingly efficient manner. Those two traits also made him infamously difficult to track and capture as he had successfully evaded or even defeated heroes such as Death Arms, Kamui Woods and Eraser Head.

Thinking about the villain's observant and intelligent nature made him think about Izuku's notebooks on heroes which were actually frighteningly detailed and well-thought out. It was quite apparent that if the Quirk Ripper was indeed Izuku's quirked form then he obviously retained his observational skills and intellect. As Naomasa thought about Izuku, he sighed and he thought to himself, 'At this rate, we may have to resort to having Mioriya-san making a public announcement to lure him out.'

Naomasa and All Might were reluctant to having Midoriya Inko make a public announcement as they were not absolutely sure if the Quirk Ripper was indeed Midoriya Izuku in his quirked form. Even if the Quirk Ripper was indeed Izuku, there was no guarantee that he would remember his own mother due to his amnesia. The last thing either of them wanted was to cause even more heartache to the poor woman. However, with the Quirk Ripper still at large and Inko losing hope with each passing day, Naomasa felt that it had to be done to resolve the matter quickly.

Picking up his phone, he called both All Might and Inko to discuss about the plan of luring the Quirk Ripper out…

--Later that night…--

The Quirk Ripper was stalking in the shadows, hunting for villains and wrongdoers as usual. However, unlike previous nights, he was carrying a small girl with white hair, red eyes and a horn on the right side of her forehead named Eri in his right arm. At first, the Quirk Ripper wanted to return her to her parents but after realising that her mother had abandoned her after her quirk accidentally erased her father from existence, he decided to allow Eri to stay with him instead if she wanted to. There was also the fact that the girl, in spite of being aware of his brutally unheroic methods of dealing with villains, actually considered him as her hero simply because he was the one who actually saved her from her hellish life as Kai's 'living human resource' for his quirk-suppressing bullets. As much as the brutish villain did not believe himself to be a hero, the girl's sincere belief that he was her hero made him feel happier than he should be. It was therefore not surprising that he found himself feeling attached to the girl and even considered toning down his brutal methods for her sake.

Taking a moment to glace at her large red eyes, the Quirk Ripper thought to himself, 'Now that I think about it, I should probably get some things for her.' As much as the villain hated the idea of stealing, committing the crime was admittedly better than starving and he certainly could not simply show up in a store and make purchases like a normal person with money would. The fact that he now had to take care of a young girl made the crime an even greater necessary evil.

Deciding that he should try to get some things for the little girl, the Quirk Ripper's eyes, which could actually change colour based on his mood, changed from calm-green to surprised-yellow when he noticed two familiar-looking villains entering a 24-hour convenience store. Noticing the change in his eyes, Eri curiously asked, 'Do you know them, Ripper-san?'

The Quirk Ripper nodded in confirmation as he sheepishly answered, 'You… could say that.'

While the Quirk Ripper was undoubtedly brutal and merciless most of the time, he tended to be mercifully lenient towards villains and criminals who actually preferred to avoid hurting people. Two good examples would be a well-dressed man with white hair, a moustache and a well-kept medium-sized beard named the Gentle Criminal and his short female companion with long red hair named La Brava. When the Quirk Ripper first encountered them, he simply wanted to knock them out and let the local heroes handle the rest. It was also the first time people realised that the seemingly perpetually-red eyed villain could actually change colour as his eyes were green when he tried to knock them out. However, he was caught off guard by the Gentle Criminal's quirk which sent him hurtling in one direction, as well as made his green eyes turn yellow due to feeling surprised, while the two villains made a desperate escape in the opposite direction. Needless to say, the Quirk Ripper failed to apprehend them and the two villains even posted a video of the encounter which seemed all too similar to a 'found footage horror film'. Understandably, it was one of the Quirk Ripper's more embarrassing moments and he swore to be even more careful when facing villains in the future. In the Quirk Ripper's defence, he did not expect the Gentle Criminal's quirk,[Elasticity], to actually work on air or fog to create highly elastic barriers.

Knowing that the two villains were probably going to do their usual crime again for the sake of gaining acknowledgement, the Quirk Ripper had an idea and said to Eri, 'Eri-chan, stealing… is bad… but we… have no… money.'

Well aware that the Quirk Ripper had no steady job or money Eri asked, 'So we're going to that store to take some food without paying?'


--Not even three minutes later…--

Tobita Danjuro, who was also known as the Gentle Criminal, was awkwardly scratching his bearded chin as the Quirk Ripper actually strolled into the convenience store he was about to use as the setting for his latest villain video, without using his dreaded fog either for that matter, was carrying a timid little girl in his arms and actually took the trouble to greet him and his companion, La Brava, as though they were friendly acquaintances before taking a shopping basket to grab some necessities like any ordinary shopper. It was not every day one would meet a villain coming into a store and proceed to take the necessities without necessarily paying for them it after politely saying, 'Sorry… for troubling… you all, but I… need to get… a few things… for my… little friend… here.'

Danjuro's companion, Aiba Manami, who was also known as La Brava, was feeling equally awkward even as she continued to record the bizarre spectacle of the infamous Quirk Ripper actually asking the little girl which fruits she liked like a gentle parent before picking her favourite fruit which happened to be apples. He even told her that she needed to have green peppers in her diet in a paternal way for heaven's sake!

Even the unlucky cashier was at a loss to the point that he had completely forgotten about a hero-signalling button that he was supposed to press to alert any nearby heroes to come to the convenience store. After what seemed to be an hour of bizarre silence, the Quirk Ripper and the girl in his arms approached them and spoke apologetically to the cashier, 'I… would pay… for all this… if I… could… but I… have no… money. I… am sorry… and I… hope you… understand.'

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Not used to being apologised by a villain of all people, the casher awkwardly replied, 'Uh… no problem, I guess?'

Both the Quirk Ripper and his companion humbly bowed in thanks before leaving the convenience store. After the two left, Danjuro turned his attention to Manami and asked, 'Why don't we just call it a day and upload what you have recoded just now tomorrow, Love-Lover?'

The cashier silently agreed with the Gentle Criminal's suggestion as he mentally thought to himself, 'I don't get paid enough for this shit!'

--The next day…--

'You have got to be fucking kidding me…!' groaned Naomasa as he had just watched a recently-uploaded video recording of the Quirk Ripper casually entering a store that the Gentle Criminal was about to rob, did his 'shopping', and left without paying after politely apologising to the cashier. The fact that the Quirk Ripper was carrying the girl whom Kai ranted about in his arms and acted like a caring parent towards her only made the recording even more ridiculously surreal.

Standing in front of the apparently stressed-out detective was an understandably sheepish All Might whose real name was Yagi Toshinori and was currently in his skeletal true form. Standing next to the number one hero was Midoriya Inko who was crying as she finally saw a video which clearly showed the Quirk Ripper's physical appearance and was certain that the villain was indeed her missing son due to having the same hair and eye colours as Izuku. There was also the fact that the Quirk Ripper eagerly made a bee-like to some pork cutlet packaged lunch boxes as soon as he saw them. Knowing that Izuku loved pork cutlet dishes and shared the same awkward politeness as the Quirk Ripper himself, Inko was all the more certain that the Quirk Ripper was indeed Izuku after his metamorphosis.

'So… about the public announcement…'

Hearing Toshinori's awkward attempt to start the conversation made something snap in Naomasa as he glared at the hero and growled, 'We are going to get it done tonight and pray that he will turn himself in by the end of the week. Any questions?' Considering the amount of paperwork Naomasa had to deal with concerning the Quirk Ripper, including punching Endeavour with enough force to knock almost half of his teeth out, coincidentally taking out the leader of a yakuza group that tried to create quirk-suppressing bullets which were going to be sold to the black market and a series of thefts including the latest case which was frankly ridiculous, Naomasa was close to 'completely losing his shit'.

Toshinori actually gulped in fear at Naomasa's irritated expression, which spoke volumes of the usually calm man's aggravation, and said, 'Nope, no questions whatsoever!'

--A few hours after Mirodiya Inko made her public announcement…--

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Naomasa blinked owlishly before he sighed dejectedly and said, 'We should have done this months ago!' He then mentally groused, 'All the paperwork I could have avoided…!'

Toshinori patted his detective friend on the back in a consoling manner as he spoke, 'None of us expected the matter to be resolved so easily this way. We were not even certain if the Quirk Ripper was indeed Midoriya-shounen until we saw that video this morning.'

Indeed, few expected the Quirk Ripper to quietly appear before Midoriya Inko, on Eri's earnest request to give Inko a chance no less, and regain enough of his memories after seeing and talking to her to recognise her as his beloved mother. The infamous Quirk Ripper, who was indeed Midoriya Izuku, was currently on his knees, hugging his mother as tears flowed freely from his eyes. As for the girl, Eri, she was currently hugging the two of them and was crying as well.

Seeing the heart-warming sight before him, Naomasa wore a tired smile and said, 'Toshinori, remind me to thank the Gentle Criminal for posting that video when we catch him and his accomplice.'

'Will do, Naomasa, will do.'

--A few days later…--

News that the Quirk Ripper, whose real name was Midoriya Izuku, had turned himself in was made official. It was also officially stated that, in recognition of the Quirk Ripper's actions as a villain, he would be placed under probation in U.A. High School in the hopes that he could be taught to use his abilities for good. Quite a few people thought that the punishment was much too lenient for such a brutal villain but a quirk summary his brutalised victims quickly silenced any argument from them. Nearly all of his brutalised victims were murderers and rapists which meant that they were underserving of sympathy.

Needless to say, Bakugou Katsuki received the news and the blond boy, whose quirk was[Explosion, was literally explosive with rage. How dare they allow the worthless, villainous, Deku get a free pass into U.A. High School while he had to struggle tooth and nail just to be allowed to take the entrance exam into the hero course?

Splatterhouse 2010

Ever since Detective Naomasa found out about the extent of Katsuki's misdeeds towards Izuku, he made sure that it was recorded into his student record and even notified the principal of U.A. High School about it. Needless to say, Katsuki's chances of entering the hero course in U.A. High School dropped form 'absolutely sure' to 'hardly a chance in hell'. When Katsuki found out about what Naomasa had done, he was absolutely livid that the man actually tried to ruin his future just because he was putting the worthless Deku in his place. Katsuki's parents were of no help as they actually agreed with the detective's decision and basically told their own son to live with the consequences of his actions.

Consumed by rage and hatred towards the 'pebble in the road' who had almost ruined his destined future as a hero, Katsuki was determined to enter U.A. High School to make Deku realise his place once and for all.


Standing before the piles of junk at Dagobah Municipal Beach Park, Izuku turned his attention to Toshinori and asked in a rather deadpan manner, 'Do I… seriously… need to… clean up… this dump?'

Grinning in spite of being in his skeletal true form, Toshinori replied, 'Before heroes became the way they are now, they used to be more willing to do mundane tasks such as cleaning up places like this.' He then gave Izuku a thumbs up as he added, 'Just think of this as community service and as a way to understand that rescuing people and taking down villains are not the only ways to be a hero.'

Well aware that he was in no position to argue since he was a villain on probation, Izuku, who was currently dressed in a white T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, a black leather belt and a pair of black leather boots, rotated his right arm and said, 'Well, I… better get… this place… cleaned up… then.'

--Three weeks later…--

'To be perfectly honest, I'm still not really sure what a real hero really is. Most of the time, I just do the very best I can, if not more, and hope that it would be enough to protect and save the innocent.'

Toshinori already knew that Izuku possessed superhuman strength so he was not surprised that the huge masked boy was able to clean up the place in just a few weeks. There were moments when he got worried though such as the time when Izuku caught some people throwing their rubbish onto the beach. To say that Izuku was displeased was putting it mildly as he basically scared the group of litterers into wetting or soiling their pants before making them promise to never repeat the crime ever again or to tell anyone that he was cleaning up the beach. Needless to say, the litterers never came back.

As Toshinori and Izuku admired the sunrise at the cleaned-up beach, Toshinori asked Izuku, 'Are you still wondering why this place should be cleaned up?'

Although Izuku lacked a normal human mouth, as his mask was literally his face, Toshinori knew that he was smiling as he replied, 'I… have been… appreciating… the sunrise… here for… a while now.'

Eternally grateful that Izuku held no resentment towards him and determined to make the huge boy a fine hero as a way to atone for his mistake, Toshinori said, 'Now, let's get you started on your next assignment, Midoriya-shounen.'

'This is a story of how I, along with my classmates, became some of the greatest heroes of our time. This is a story of heroism and being the best we can be to save and inspire others.'

--End Chapter--

Author's Notes:

This is my version of Izuku who had a quirk but was functionally quirkless until he underwent a metamorphosis into a different kind of being (whether or not this is the first fanfiction story of this sort remains to be seen). Now, a few things to mention:

1. This version of Izuku is inspired by Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13thand Rick Taylor from the 2010 Splatterhouse Remake.

2. Anyone who thinks that this story if a bit rushed and could be divided into two or more chapters are likely to be correct in their judgement. I wouldn't mind posting stories of Izuku's time as a vigilante/villain in later chapters.

3. Katsuki will be EVEN more antagonistic towards Izuku than canon. Unlike canon, Katsuki was not attacked by the sludge villain in the first place which meant that he did not 'suffer the humiliation' of being rescued by Izuku. Also, as stated in the story, Katsuki's misdeeds have been made known to Nedzu so his chances of entering U.A. High School got pretty low as a result. Since the only reason his chances of entering U.A. High School had gotten so low was because Naomasa was investigating Izuku's disappearance, Katsuki blames Izuku for getting in his way. That is not even counting the fact that Izuku basically received a free pass to stay in U.A. High School in spite of being a brutal villain who was put there on probation. In other words, Katsuki has plenty of reasons to hate Izuku even more than canon even though the reasons are not necessarily good ones.

4. I would like to propose a challenge to all interested parties to try and create their own versions of Izuku who is initially quirkless but undergoes a metamorphosis into a different being with a powerful quirk and possibly very different in form and/or personality.

Until next time, go beyond, plus ultra!