Teamviewer Host No Password

Posted : admin On 8/24/2021
Windows desktop with TeamViewer Host service installed
  1. How To Find Teamviewer Password
  2. Teamviewer Fix Password

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You need to reset TeamViewer password for multiple computers.
Below solution was tested on version 7 and 8
1. Install TeamViewer Host on test PC and set password.
2. Open up registry editor: Start > run
3. Export following location to a tv_pass.reg file

How To Find Teamviewer Password

For x64 computers:
For x86 computers:
4. You will end up with a lot of entries, so delete all of them except 'SecurityPasswordAES'
Password set to 'password' will look like that in your reg file:

Teamviewer Fix Password

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
Host5. Copy .reg file to another PC and apply
6. Restart teamvewer service
7. Create a group policy to apply your hack to all workstations