Wartune Symbiosis

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Event 1: Lucky Exchange Willpower&Eudaemon: 2020/05/22 - 2020/05/28 Ancient Relics&Titan: 2020/05/22 - 2020/05/28 Water Gun-Clothing. If I'm not mistaken, symbiosis actually share a% of your dragonchant gear and regular toon gear. So, for example, if you have the weapon at 9% symbiosis, that mean your dragonchant gear also get 9% of the stats from your normal form weapon (and it's also go the other way too). How to center horizontally word. Kongregate free online game Symbiosis - We've always thought that aliens look like green humans with big heads and huge eyes. Symbiosis Dragonchant and character can share stats via Symbiosis. Different Talisman can be equipped to different body parts accordingly. Consume Symbiosis Stones to upgrade Symbiosis level and strengthen symbiosis effect.

Wartune Patch 4.0 - Part Two
Double Attribute Gems
In Version 4.0 players can synthesize Lvl.7-12 double attribute gems in the Blacksmith. These gems include: PATK & Crit Gems, PDEF & MDEF Gems, PDEF & HP Gems, MATK & Crit Gems, MDEF & HP Gems, and HP& Block Gems.
MDEF & HP Gems

A MATK +1000 gem plus a Crit +1000 gem can by synthesized into a MATK & Crit +1000 gem.
Synthesized double attribute gems can still be recycled in the Blacksmith using Gold.

Mythic equipment requires a piece of Lvl. 80 Legendary equipment, with Titan’s Stone Shards and Titan Iron Shards as required upgrade materials. Fusing these three elements will yield a piece of Lvl. 80 Mythic equipment. Before fusing these items, players must first make sure their Lvl. 80 Legendary equipment piece is upgraded to the max level and that the Holy Forge level is greater than Lvl. 2 10 Stars. The refinement level and Holy Forge levels of the new Mythic equipment will be equal to that of the initial Legendary piece.

When upgrading, the enchantment level of the original Lvl. 80 Legendary will reset, while the basic attributes of the new Mythic equipment piece will increase. The new Mythic equipment piece may also be enchanted, which can hold a maximum enchantment level of 36.

The original upgrade system (Level 8 10 Stars) will remain, while a new upgrade system (Level 8 10 Moon) will be added. Using the required materials in the Holy Forge, forging the Mythic Equipment will upgrade the equipment to Lvl.1 1 Moon. Previous attributes will be inherited, while the maximum refinement level will also increase.

Wartune Symbiosis Class

Take down all the enemies and claim all honor and glory in Wartune’s next great PvP arena event!
Required Level: 35+
Sign-up: The Steel War event icon appears in-game at 5:00 every Monday morning and disappears at 5:00 every Friday morning.

[League Match] Players may create an alliance for 1 million Gold. Each alliance can hold up to 20 players. During the event, a separate round of battle occurs on Tuesday and Thursday. Rewards will be sent at the end of each round.

The event map is made up of many different parts as described below:

Outside the City
Spawn Point: Each alliance has one spawn point from which players revive.
Alliance Totem: Each alliance has its own Totem. If an alliance’s Totem is destroyed, players from that alliance will not be able to revive until the Totem refreshes (5 minute refresh period).
Monster Point: Monsters respawn at certain intervals at these points.

Gate: Players must destroy the gate to enter a city.
Defense Tower: These towers start out neutral and will launch an attack at any player who comes within its range.
Energy Crystal: These crystals start out neutral. An alliance must seize the Energy Crystals before being able to occupy the city. It takes time to seize an Energy Crystal, if the opposing alliance interrupts this process than the crystal will not be seized successfully.
City Hub: Hubs start out neutral and will belong to the first alliance to occupy it.
One-way Transport: Both alliances can use this to transport themselves to the outskirts of the city.

Five minutes before the event starts (19:55), the event icon will blink to indicate that players can enter the battleground. Event begins at 20:00 and ends at 21:00.

Players will appear on the battleground as tanks, their character attributes will affect their final tank attributes.
The city exists in a neutral state at the very beginning (City Hub, Energy Crystal, Gate, Defense Tower and Spawn Points are all neutral).
Players need to destroy the Gate to enter the city. After an alliance seizes the 4 Energy Crystals, it needs to occupy the City Hub without being attacked during a duration indicated by the progress bar; otherwise it will be deemed a failed seizure.
Players will revive at the Spawn Point 10 seconds after they die on the battleground.
If one alliance’s Totem is destroyed, players from that alliance won’t revive until the Totem refreshes (5 minutes later).
If one alliance occupies the city. The battle will change from city scramble to city defense.
Once the city is captured, the occupying alliance will become the defender. The Totem for the defending alliance as well as its alliance members will be shifted from outside the city to inside the city. The destroyed Gate and Defense Tower that now belong to the defending side will be rebuilt.
All players from the attacking alliance will be shifted to the Spawn Point.
During city defense, if players from the defending alliance die they will revive at the Spawn Point inside the city.
Outside the City, there are several monster points where 5 monsters respawn every 5 minutes. These monsters may drop various buffs. Plus there is a BOSS which can be killed for powerful attacking boosts. The BOSS refreshes every 15 minutes.
Points may be earned by killing players in the battleground, destroying the opponent’s totem, killing wild monsters and occupying the City Hub (which grants the alliance a large quantity of points based on time occupied).
Event results are based on total points obtained by each alliance. If the point gap between the opposing alliances reaches 1,000, then the event will end earlier than scheduled.

An alliance’s victories or defeats as well as individual point rankings are the basis for rewards. Rewards include Insignia, Honor, Bound Balens and Rune Unicorn Card Shard.
League Match Rankings are based on cumulative victories and has nothing to do with rewards.

The system matches players with opponents based on their League Match Rankings.
Players appear as tanks; killing monsters will grant players various buffs and attribute bonuses.

Wartune Symbiosis Meaning

Destroy opponents’ Totems to slow their reviving speed.

Players Lvl. 60 and above can enter Sylph Expedition from 08:00-24:00 once a day by visiting the event NPC Athena in Cloud City.

General Info
Players use Sylphs to participate in the expedition and can set any 6 sylphs in the formation. There are 6 total formation slots: 3 for main (active) sylphs and 3 for sub (resting) sylphs.
Players can invite one of their online friend’s Sylphs to join their expedition team. The Sylph used is a “mirror image” so it does not affect the other player’s actual Sylph.
Players may switch the main and sub Sylphs in the formation by clicking and dragging them to the desired position.
Players can also set their Sylphs’ skills for each expedition.
Expedition Formation
Main sylphs that are still alive will be displayed in the formation area of the panel, simply click and drag to change the formation.
Note: Expedition monsters have a tendency to attack Sylphs in the front row first. Thus, team formation is very important towards the battle outcome.
Expedition Skills

Wartune Symbiosis Tips

Expedition skills unlock upon clearing expedition dungeons. Expedition skills can be used to help complete future expedition dungeons.
Once prepared, click ‘Start’ to open the expedition challenge panel.

Dungeon information can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the dungeon icon.

  • Players can enter Sylph Expeditions daily between 08:00-24:00 (server time).
  • Players must clear the previous dungeon to unlock the next dungeon.
  • Normal dungeons will be reset to 0 at 5:00 AM every day; however, players can blitz dungeons after reaching the corresponding requirements.
  • Sylphs cannot revive after dying in an expedition. When all Sylphs are dead, the challenge will end. Players may switch dead main Sylphs with living sub Sylphs to continue the challenge.

Wartune Symbiosis Skill

Sylphs will automatically cast skills in expedition battles. Expedition skills can be used once they’re unlocked in expedition battles to help defeat the dungeons.

Wartune. Symbiosis

Expedition Rewards
Level Clearance Rewards: After each stage is cleared for the first time, players will receive clearance rewards. Clearance rewards can only be claimed once per stage.
Daily Ranking Rewards: Expedition ranking refreshes every hour. Rewards will be sent to players at 05:00 according to the final rankings for the previous day.


Wartune Symbiosis Event

  • Players can invite friends’ Sylphs to join their expedition team; however, these Sylphs’ stats will remain unchanged after the invitation. Friends will receive a 20000 Gold reward via mail for the use of their Sylphs.
  • Players have one chance to challenge the expedition dungeons daily (excluding special dungeons).
  • Monsters in the expedition dungeons have stronger attributes than normal. Team formation will greatly affect battle results.
  • Elemental relationship tip: Water - Fire - Wind - Electro - Water (Loop); Light - Dark (Loop).
  • Expedition skills unlock upon clearing expedition dungeons. These skills can be assigned and used in expedition battles once they’re unlocked. The Sylph with the lowest HP will cast Sylph skills.