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Posted : admin On 8/25/2021
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  2. No, Winsock Packet Editor Pro (WPE Pro) is not a virus.It is a tool that you use to edit packets.UsesAnalyze network problems.Detect network intrusion attempts.Gain information for.
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  1. Wpe Pro Download No Virus
  2. Wpe Pro Download No Virus
  3. Wpe Pro No Virus
admin posted this in FFXIV – Final Fantasy XIV on October 15th, 2013
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Virus name Sniffer/WpePro find457scan result. If you know the information, hazards and prevention methods of the virus Sniffer/WpePro, you are welcome to send it to us at [email protected] so that.

This was sent to me from a anonymous user. Use at your own risk. Posted for entertainment value only.

After about an hour playing around with this, I finally got some results, I have been able to capture the packet which gives you the item and EXP reward when you hand in a repeatable levequest for a crafting class. Please note that this is simply me sharing my findings and may be easily traceable / bannable, I have no knowledge of packets or the dangers of using them, use at your own risk.

1) Install WPE Pro, download this from Google, you may need to disable your anti virus for this to run correctly.
2) In WPE Pro, go to View – Options – Winsock 1.0, untick all boxes apart from Send.
3) Obtain a levequest for a discipline of the hand which requires more than one item to be handed into the NPC so it works with multiple turn ins, for example: “Party Animals”, a level 40 Weaver levequest in Ul’dah that requires Linen Deerstalkers.
4) Gather double the materials to hand in as you will need to complete the same leve again with the additional order.
5) Hand in the leve and when asked if you wish to submit an additional order, click yes.
6) When you are prompted to hand over the additional order’s items, go into WPE Pro, open FFXIV.
7) Press the run button in WPE Pro.
Confirm the hand in of items for the levequest, click through the text until you see the EXP gained.
9) Press the stop button in WPE Pro.
10) You will now have a few send packets in WPE Pro, one of these contains the data to receive your EXP and items, Mine was a 80 size packet which was the second recorded.
11) Right click the packet, click Send.
12) Press the start button when inside the packet to send the packet again (Note that no information has been changed in the packet at this point, any timestamps will be sent).
13) Check FFXIV and see if you gained the EXP and items, if so; congratulations, you have duped your first levequest. If not, try sending the other send packets.

Wpe Pro Download No Virus


Edit: You can send the packet as many times as you like…but I would be cautious around doing this too quickly or in a crowded area, I have been sitting in Ul’dah sending the packet 5-6 times every 10 minutes so it doesn’t look too obvious.

How do I delete wpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak virus automatically?

In this tutorial I will tell you how to resolve the wpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak issue manually and how to fix it automatically with the help of proven malware removal tool. You can download the removal program by clicking on the download button below:

wpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak - General Threat:

wpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak detected as Hack.Win32.WpePro

wpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak is recognized as a data that can be acknowledged in your Task Manager as active and running with every COMPUTER start-up. There are plenty of anti-virus tools presently that do not identify this documents as dangerous. Yet, it can not be dealt with as a totally benign process, therefore, we do think it is a possibly unwanted app that is worth being removed at the same time.

wpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak typically is the trace of certain adware or possibly unwanted application (PUA) to be active in your tool. While this kind of malware is active you will maintain encountering various PC-related problems, mostly defined in your computer working in a very slow manner.

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wpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak and related unwanted programs might be in truth infused right into your device using some suspicious links on the Internet. After the PC owners incorrectly make a decision to do so they will instantly welcome wpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak and other unwanted software right into their computers.

wpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak process could be additionally incorporated with various other third-party applications, so you need to erase this sort of risk as fast as you can. You can try to erase wpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak by hand from the gadget, nonetheless, this may require more sophisticated system analysis that is not an easy procedure in most instances. The ideal option to erase wpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak is to scan your tool with a trusted anti-virus tool.


Technical Information:

  • File name:
    wpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak
  • Threat type:
    General Threat
  • Virus name:
  • Full path:
    D:wpe pro arabic-ويب برو عربيwpe pro arabic-ويب برو عربيwpeproarabic-ويب برو عربيwpeproarabic-ويببروعربيWeb-ProWeb-Prowpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak
  • Registry path:
  • MD5:
  • Size:
    318976 bytes
  • Product name:
    [email protected]
  • Company name:
    [email protected]
  • Product version:
    [email protected]
  • File version:
    [email protected]
  • Certificates:
  • Section:
  • Date of scan:
    2020-12-03 06:56

Steps to remove wpe pro arabic.exe.(1).bak:

I use Anti-Malware for cleaning ads and viruses from my friend's computers, because it is extremely fast and effective.

Step 1: Downloader Anti-Malware for free

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Wpe Pro No Virus

Step 2: Click on antimalware-setup.exe

Wpe Pro Download No Virus

Anti-Malware is compatible with most antivirus software.
Anti-Malware is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including adware, spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. VirusTotal (0/56).
You will see a confirmation screen with verified publisher. Click YES

After install Anti-Malware will start standard scan automatically.

Wpe Pro No Virus

Step 3: Press Apply after scan ends to remove all found threats